Wednesday, August 08, 2007

SH's vacation

Do we know how to live it up or what? So far on vacation SH has fixed a few things for his little old ladies and worked on the dollhouse he is building for my niece. She is going home to NJ this weekend so he is in overdrive, working half the night trying to get finished. He is such a handy guy. He has handmade the entire thing, even the little doors.

I love the way he made his own shingles...they look almost real.

He is doing all of this work in the garage. The temperature in the garage when I got home from work today was 98. He and my dad both will work outside when it is hot and not complain a bit. I whine like a baby when the temperature gets above 85.

When you turn your tv on and it looks like this does that mean it's time to buy a new tv? SH also built this entertainment center/tv cabinet or whatever you call it. You would think if I was going to take a picture of it I would straighten up the stuff on it first.


Monkling said...

SH really knows how to have fun! That's even better than how Frank spent his day off today - doctor's appointments & then visiting the nursing home. No, wait. Then there was the side trip to those slot machines in Yonkers that we can't let darling daughter know about.

I better hear some reports about you guys doing some fun stuff!

kim said...

Awww...I definitely understand why you love SH so much. What a guy! But right now, I hope he's left the doll house behind and is taking care of his real-life doll!!! HAHAHA--man, I'm really witty today, huh? I can hardly stand it. Seriously, I really hope you guys are having some serious fun because I miss you. Now it's my turn to ask "is that weird" that I miss you and it's only been a day? Oh well, it wouldn't be the first time somebody's said I'm weird. So, anyway, consider yourself missed, but have tonza fun!