Friday, August 10, 2007

My vacation....or not

Today SH and I were both off. The possibilities were endless. We could go boating, fishing, lay around in the pool or anything our little hearts desired. So we.............wanna guess? We got up this morning and loaded up a ton of tools into the truck and went to one little old ladies house because she called this morning and said her commode wouldn't shut off and had run all night. She was gone when we got there but the commode was fine. She also had an alarm she wanted installed on the door so we did that and then went to Lowes. We bought a truckload of stuff at Lowes and went to a rental of another little old lady and framed in an open place on the back porch and installed a back door. We then (and I say we loosely here) built a frame at the bottom of the stairs and installed a door so the new renters could shut off the upstairs in the winter if they wanted to. We worked in that house with NO AIR CONDITIONING in 100+ heat for 10 hours. That house has been shut up for weeks and the thermometer in the house would only go to 90 and it never went below that.
We also bought a breaker box and breakers at lowes because another little old lady called in a panic because some of their renters were blowing fuses every day and she was having to buy them so she needs a new box in there pronto. Tomorrow looks like we finish one house and if we can get the electric company to pull the meter try to install that in the other house.
Now when I married SH I knew he wasn't Mr. Romantic, but he likes me to go with him because that is "spending time together" to him. But by about 3PM this afternoon I didn't want anyone within smelling distance of me and I didn't want to be too near SH;-)


kim said...

Well, ya know, they say if you can't beat 'em, join 'em--HA! Now that I know the REAL story behind SH's little old ladies, I'm far LESS inclined to be sympathetic to them! Call me clairvoyant, but I've got the feeling the situation isn't going to change anytime soon, so I think you should just continue to accompany him whenever you can, and want to! I hope it's not REAL often, though, because I really missed you yesterday!!!

Monkling said...

If it'll make you feel any better, our only real vacation this year (coming up this Fall, for my big birthday) is when Frank's job is having some sort of disaster exercise so he has to bring along the laptop. It will involve him being up in the middle of the night. Let me tell ya, if he's gonna be up in the middle of the night, I can think of more interesting things to be doing than that stuff.

katy said...

The little old lady (and her husband) he was working for today are very different from the others. They check on him when he is working on rental houses, they take him out to eat and when he tells them what he is charging them they always give him that and more and tell him they really appreciate him taking time out of his busy day to help them. They both tell him over and over they trust him and they give him whatever he needs. The other ones tell him all the time they don't trust anyone but him but these people really show it. I'm now done complaining about these women.
We are actually taking a long weekend in October and going back to Amish country. I can't wait, I love going there and shopping. My problem this time will be the fact that I have my new camera. I will want to take pictures of the horses and buggies and Amish kids but they really frown on having their pictures taken so I will have to take them all from the back.