Saturday, August 18, 2007

Anniversary celebrations

Thank you for the nice Anniversary wishes. It seems like it always falls on a bad work day for us. Fridays I work from 9 to 4 and SH works from 2 to 10:30. SH did luck into having today off instead of his normal Monday so we are living it up today. We are getting ready to go to town to get him new rotors and tires. Then we are meeting DS's new landlord so he can sign his lease. We may stay there and clean up a little and then home to put the new stuff on SH's car. Then to little old ladies to put up a canopy she can't live without one more day. I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it. We may sneak in a bite to eat somewhere but figure my money will be spent buying some groceries for DS's new place.
I took a shower a little while ago and while I was drying my hair SH mentioned that I need a haircut. I just laughed because I got a few weeks ago when he was on vacation. He was here when I left and when I got back....he just doesn't notice things. Gotta love him anyway;-)
Anniversary pictures later!.............JUST KIDDING GIRLS.


kim said...

WHY, YOU TWO CRAZY KIDS!!! Rotors AND tires? Way to live it up! HAHAHA!

I just cannot believe DS is getting his own place. Wow! I wish him the best of luck, and hope it works out for him so he doesn't end up back at home like most of us do! It's hard to go back once you've moved out, but sometimes it just can't be avoided.

Tonight I am taking my DS, DIL and granddaughter V out for dinner because DS came over this afternoon and took care of the swampy mess that was my basement carpet. Ahhh, gotta love the 1956 linoleum that was under it :). DIL works her part-time job until 7, so we will pick her up and go from there. They are both so hard-working I love being able to treat them every now and then!

Try to post when I get home; I miss you guys!

Monkling said...

You guys really know how to go all our for your anniversary! I hope you at least went out to dinner.