Thursday, August 30, 2007

Everyday is Halloween at the Myers household

When I married SH I never gave a thought to his name. He shares his name with a famous horror film murderer (as you may guess from the title of this post.) We still get occasional phone calls from kids that have watched the old movies and think its cute to call us and scream when they see the name in the phone book. It wasn't quite as funny a few weeks back when the phone rang at some horrible time in the morning (3 or 4 am, I don't remember now) and someone screamed "get the Fu** out of that house, MM is there." I paced the floor and checked everything until I woke up enough to realize our house wasn't on fire and they were being stupid. Now that there is a new Halloween coming out I am preparing myself for the inevitable. Anytime we go somewhere that we have to sign in someone makes a comment about his name. What most of them don't know is his birthdate. He was born on 6/6/60. When they find that out they usually take a step back. SH is very good natured about it and laughs right along with people (unless they call at some horrible time of the morning.)
Tonight I ventured out to Walmart alone. This wasn't a good thing to do because I immediately felt sorry for myself, so sorry that I bought myself a bag of caramels, a package of pumpkin peeps, a new nickleback cd and a package of double A batteries.
Don't even go there people, just don't.


Monkling said...

Was thinking of ya when I saw the commercial for the movie. But, uh, pumpkin peeps?? Okay, I suppose it doesn't help that I don't like peeps. Although with this cold, I couldn't taste them anyway.

kim-d said...

Pumpkin peeps and double AA batteries, huh? Wow, girl, you really know how to "treat" yourself--HA! How is the Nickelback CD? I like them, too. That and the bag of caramels? I COMPLETELY understand those!

kim-d said...

Hey, have you ever tried the Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade? NUM...that's what I'm goin' for, along with some Earl's Party Mix Popcorn (regular, cheese and caramel mixed). Indeed, a girl DOES need her things. I, however, am gonna watch a movie. I have so much to tell you! I'll blog (glob) tomorrow, hopefully. Too much to do, too few hours!!!! I'm so excited, though!

kim-d said...

Lasagna in the oven? When will the lasagna be out of the oven? Who all is there to eat the lasagna? Can I come over for lasagna? I don't know what all you've got going on, but if ya wanna chat at all, I'd love to. I miss ya. If I can figure out how to get on the chat thingy again! My get up and go got up and went--I am LAZY today!