Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The one that leads no where

Busy, busy, busy. The last few days have been filled with time alone with SH (wink, wink), little old ladies that need SH and life. By life I mean cooking, dishes, and all that crap. I am working on a couple of long entries and have part of them saved until I can actually sit down and think them through. I have some heavier than usual stuff saved and want to really think it through before I post, kind of like my own little post secret.
I have been checking my email every few minutes to check on an update about Riley. You don't know Riley and I don't know Riley. Riley is a little boy in my Aunts 6th grade science class. Rileys father is the Principal of the school and his mother a counselor. A couple of days ago Riley was at a friends house and took a spin on his 4-wheeler. Somehow The 4-wheeler ended up flipping on Riley and he was life flighted to a local hospital. The last I heard was that they disconnected his life support because there wasn't any brain activity and he started breathing on his own. The doctors were trying to decide whether to try to get some of the pressure off of his brain or whether it would be worth the trauma to him and his family. I do know that hundreds of people met at his school on Monday evening to pray for him and his family....keep praying people, every little bit helps.


kim-d said...

I would be honored to pray for Riley; I have been since we chatted about him, but now it's nice to have a name to pray specifically for!

I am SO glad you and SH got some "quality time" together--YAY! But I've still missed you! I get all verklempt when I don't talk to you and Monkling enough--HA!

Monkling said...

Time alone with SH is a good thing.

Prayers for Riley & his family.