Friday, September 21, 2007

True romance

Hold on to your panties ladies, the romance going on at my house will knock you for a loop.

Yesterday when I got home from work SH was working on my van. Being the sweetheart that he is he wanted to take me someplace with him before he got ready for work. I really wanted a shower and a nap since we worked on the van most of the night the night before, but being the loving wife I am I jumped in the shower(some days after work I HAVE to take a shower as soon as I get home) and then went with him. Where did my super romantic hubby take me? To a junk yard of course. I really can't complain since he took me there to get some things for my van. The view was spectacular.

This used to be a truck. A Ford ranger, which I only figured out by finding a spot where there used to be an emblem. I often wonder when I am at places like this (and I am more often than most of you I would guess) who was driving this, what happened and how bad were they hurt.My answer to that question was answered for this one when I looked behind the seats and saw these bottles. This would make for a pretty good don't drink and drive commercial I think.

While we were there SH tried once again to get me to buy a Lincoln they have that doesn't need much work. He loves big cars and I am trying to downsize. He and the guys at the junkyard kept after me to buy this Lincoln. Now I agree that the quality of these cars are wonderful but the size is too big for me. One of the guys there tried to sell me a Daewoo, which I refused because we drive Fords. Period. SH and I own 5 of them and as of Monday we will own 6. The guys mentioned a couple of cars coming in yesterday afternoon so I went back today and looked over a nice smaller Ford that I am going to buy Monday. SH is going to fix it up and I will be very happy to get rid of the minivan and drive a smaller car that takes much much less gasoline.

After SH went to work, DD and I headed to the mall for a little shopping and then to a baby shower where DD ended up playing the games, while I acted like I needed to take pictures instead of rubbing vaseline on my nose.


kim-d said...

KATY--YAY! Please tell me that William Delano Myers was a nice, nice man. What a cool name...really! Sounds so distinguished. Is that last picture DD? Because if it is...goofy part notwithstanding, she looks! And even more gorgeous. But what really takes the cake is the antics of you and SH! You two crazy kids :)! You two really know how to rip up the town, don't you. Reminds me of when Bill used to drag me to the gun range with him so I could oooh and aaah over his expert marksmanship skills. HAHA! Actually, it was oddly hot! And you know that I know the junkyard is the best place around for you, as long as you're there with SH! Awww...true romance, indeed!

kim-d said...

THANKS, KATY! I think there's one helluva celebration going on, too, and I'm thinking Gram brought the lemon meringue pie :)! No, I'm not down at all; the memories make me smile. However, I'd still like to talk tonight if ya Let me know, okay? Hey, pretty cool that we get some Monk soap, huh? I'm taking the chocolate one; I was really hoping she'd do something like this! I tried to e-mail my address, but my work computer doesn't let me do anything on her site. As soon as I get home, though...

Let me know about tonight. And thanks again for the comment. You're the best. And is that DD in the last picture? Such a CUTIE, but getting way too adult-looking!