Monday, September 24, 2007

New toys

Before I show my new toy (minds out of the gutter please!) I had one more thing to share about the house SH is working on. After I left last night he decided to pull the commode to see if he could figure out why it wouldn't flush. It was easily remedied once he got the dead rat out.

SH and I got up early this morning and went to pick up my new (to me) car. I am so looking forward to dropping the mini van and driving a real car for awhile. This car has all the bells and whistles, 6cd changer, power pedals, heated mirrors, power sunroof etc.......just one small problem.....

It may take a little while before those get going, if we can find all of them. Didn't look half bad from the back did it?

We brought it home and SH and my dad went out to mow the cemetery where SH's parents are buried. I stayed home to nap clean up the kitchen. It is 91 degrees right now and I am not very helpful when it is that hot. The cemetery job always belonged to DS but now that he isn't here it belongs to DD, but you shouldn't have to mow when you look this good (and you are in school).



kim-d said...

I was so excited to see your new (Ford) car and was thinking how beautiful it is; then when I saw the front, I almost spit all over my computer, and did snort! I can't wait to see what SH does with it! Is there ANYTHING that man can't do? How cool is that! And I also believe that DD should not have to mow. When I was her age, I put my foot down on the mowing issue; I just would not do it, and I was not anywhere near as gorgeous as she is! A little cute, yeah, but not gorgeous...HAHAHA! Actually, he did make me mow once but never did again after I mowed a triangle shape into the backyard--BWAHAHAHA! I was no dummy.

About the rat..Oh man, Katy...Oh man. Tell SH to be careful in there; it's hard telling what appears to be dead but might still have a breath or two of life left in them. Does SH have a HazMat suit? It might be worth it to get one...Arrrgghh! How can someone be such a pig, and isn't she just a little worried that the word will get out about this? I mean, I'm not any Mrs. Clean, but my cats are the only other alive things here. Does this woman have kids that were living in that squalor? Oh man...

Ann Marie said...

... speaking of minds in gutters.. just imagine the look on my face when my mother informed me that at her church halloween party (which i find strange enough) that she was serving..

Mummy Weiners with Dripping Sauce..

Ummm you are serving WHAT.. she repeated it.. it wasn't a mistake.

I told her that she COULD NOT call them that.. then I had to EXPLAIN why

Ann Marie said...

stay tuned for sex and name updates.

IT won't be named until IT is brought home..

I have already picked the sex.. but it is a secret until there are pictures..

I am going to play a game with you all..

guess the sex.. I want to see if you think IT is a boy or girl

canape said...

That was a great scroll down! I can't believe the car. Too funny.

And DD? Just beautiful.