Thursday, September 27, 2007

Taylor Made

Last night one of DD's good friends took her to a Taylor Swift concert. We love her music and DD says she is so very nice in person. After the concert they stood in line for 2 hours for a picture and autograph and Taylor was apologizing to them for the inconvenience of waiting so long. I wish more stars acted like that so our children could see the nicer side of stardom. It very seldom happens and they are more likely to see stars being arrested for drugs, alcohol and spouse abuse. I hope Taylor doesn't let stardom change her.....go Taylor go.


kim-d said...

WAY TO GO, MY FRIEND! HIGH FIVE! You know what I mean...hahaha! Yeah, nothing beats boredom like a few rounds of the horizontal bop--as I remember. Another HA! I just don't know what comes over me sometimes...

I got the cre8buzz stuff; I'm over there right now, trying to get it set up a little? I took the "friends" category--didn't know what else to choose as I don't want to talk specifically about one thing??? We'll see how all this goes!

kim-d said...

Oh-oh. I just read my comment; I must learn to preview. Ending line of the first paragraph. No pun intended. Oh, I can be SO BAD!

Maniacal laughing....HAHAHAHA!