Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blog Bling

I got me some yummy bloggy bling to show off. Trina over at has left me a very sweet award.

I want to toss this right back to her, and I'm sure the doctors & residents at the hospital will agree (just kidding Trina, they don't deserve nice sometimes) Trina puts up with a lot of stuff from a lot of people when it comes to Jophies care and she is very nice to them, much nicer than I would be sometimes.

I also want to send this out to Kim from Kim and I have been bloggy friends for a little while now and we sometimes get to gab on AOL at night. The things we talk about sometimes ;-) Kim is always nice and ready with a compliment when someone needs it the most. You really deserve this one Kim!

Last night was the annual Ghost Walk here in our little area. My DD belongs to the historical society here and has been a guide in the museum for 3 years. She also helps out with the Ghost walk every year by being a character or selling programs. The Ghost walk is always exciting and interesting. I took my camera to grab a few pictures for you all but I was selling programs and didn't make it. While DD went for a walk to see what was going on I did the weirdest thing. I was selling programs and my eyes started feeling a little funny. Then I noticed that the world was spinning noticably and I couldn't make it stop. It kept spinning faster and faster and wouldn't let me off! I got my phone and dialed DD to come back and set back in my chair and shut my eyes. Big mistake, the spinning is worse when you shut your eyes. I sat there for a few minutes and the spinning slowed down and finally quit and I have felt fine since. I don't know what happened, I just hope it doesn't happen again. I am not very good at spinning rides at the fair anymore, and really not good when I have no choice and the rides follow me around.


kim-d said...

Awww, Katy, thanks! You already know how I could go on and on but--and this is SO unlike me--I won't this time. All I'm gonna say, this time, in addition to thanks, is it really means a lot coming from you!

How is your blood pressure? That can do a little dizzy number on ya! Also, unlike me, I'm NOT going to worry about you and your little "spell"--NOPE, NOT GONNA WORRY. NOT AT ALL! If it happens again, you better get to the doctor. I'm just sayin'...

kim-d said...

Okay, Katy, now if I could just figure out how to get my bling over to my blog,that would be good. Help!

kim-d said...

Miss ya, Katy.