Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh what a night!

Tonight is the annual fall homecoming dance at school. DD is hopefully going to have a nice time tonight. Here are a few of the dozen or two pictures I took before the dance.

Her boyfriend didn't want to go to a high school dance so she found another date. This boy is in her class and is just a friend, but isn't he handsome? Oh to be skinny young again.

Forget that, I don't think I would want to be 17 again even if I had the chance.


Simply Jenn said...

Hi Katy! Thanks for stopping by my blog on "compliment instead of comment day". Your daughter is beautiful- I hope she had a good time at the dance.

My 15.5 year old hasn't dated yet, and considering that her dad and I got together at this age, I'm quite glad.

Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by, come back any time!

kim-d said...

Katy--She just gets more and more beautiful all the time! And the boy is so cute that I think she should keep him. What exactly is it she likes about this "boyfriend" person anyway? He doesn't care that she goes to the dance with someone else, as long as it means HE doesn't have to do what HE doesn't want to do? To me, that says it all. She deserves a boyfriend who will CHERISH her! Wow, guess I feel pretty strongly about this, huh? HAHA! At any rate, as always, her dress is darling and, as it turns out, DD is prettier than Jennifer Aniston!

I spent time outside yesterday afternoon when Todd and the boys came over and the fresh air, combined with the rest of the week, made me really need to go to bed early! I'm such a party-pooper! Besides, I knew you'd be having fun with DS, so it's all good, right? How was the beef stew? Num! I was thinking about that as I was eating my chicken breast-and-pickle-wrap--HA!