Thursday, September 06, 2007

Good news/Bad news

Good news- The girls volleyball team raised $3,000 for cancer research.

Bad news - they didn't win the game.

Tonight was Volley for a Cure and the girls sold shirts and baked goods with all proceeds going to cancer research. Our little school has raised $100,000 in the last few years. Look at all those pink shirts at the game tonight, and that was just a small portion of the crowd. There were over 800 teams doing the volley for a cure tonight at their own schools.

Good news- Many people in my family have worked hard to raise money for cancer research and I am so proud to be able to be a tiny part of it.

Bad news- Many people in my family have been affected by cancer....way too many.

Good news - I get to sleep in tomorrow morning.

Bad news - I get to sleep in because DD has a horrible cold and I can't risk taking it to the little boy I take care of on Fridays. No work = no pay but to take germs into his house would be devastating to him and could put him in the hospital for a long time.

Good news- It is September and almost fall.

Bad news- Someone forgot to inform mother nature that we don't normally stay in the upper 90's in September.

Good news- In one month I will be eating, sleeping and shopping in Amish country again.

Bad news- An entire month before I can get away and try to sneak pictures of Amish people.

Good news- I have been working on some different types of posts for this blog.

Bad news- I think some of the things I talk about aren't something I want to put out there, it was just important to me to get it off my chest and by putting it in a draft I got it off of my chest.

Good news- I am posting even if it is about nothing in particular.

Bad news- It has taken me hours to get on this site to do it, and it takes me forever to send an email. I have dial up people I do not need any more delays.

Good news- I found a nice home for the last of Koko's puppies and now my shoes will not all be chewed up.

Bad news- Heck there isn't any bad news for this one.

Good news- DS wants me to come up tomorrow evening for dinner.

Bad news- I have to go see DS and then leave him there when I leave.


Good news- I only gave myself 15 minutes to finish this post so I wouldn't think it to death. You are almost done reading so be happy.

Bad news- By reading this post you will be able to tell I didn't think this one through and just typed without thinking too much.


kim-d said...

Katy, I LOVE this post! I love how wholeheartedly your little school supports cancer research; once again, tell DD how much I appreciate that, and also to get well soon! I think it is SO cute that DS invited you for dinner; what a great kid! I think you are doing an amazing job at leaving him there after your visits--there is just no way that can be easy on you AT ALL. You are such a good Mama, Katy, and I love how your teen kids seem to know and appreciate this! And last but not least, I'm glad you got to "vent" the things that needed to come out. Cleansing, isn't it? I always feel so much better when I write it all out!

Have a great weekend, pal; I'll miss you. I won't have much time this morning, but I'm gonna try to get at least a short little blurb on my page. Drop me a comment at some point this weekend if you have time...

Talk to you when I get back!

Monkling said...

Okay, saying you wrote stuff but you're not going to post it here... now I'm wondering what it is and making stuff up.

I feel DD's pain. Hope she doesn't have what I had, which I'm still recovering from.

Monkling said...

I must really be off my game & still getting over this sinus infection because by now I should have been posting all sorts of stories here about you and your secret posts.

I am so disappointed in me...