Thursday, August 02, 2007


I have nothing to say, but feel the need to write something down, to justify my spending way too much time on this machine. I am developing a bad habit of sitting here way too long, checking up on bloggers, making sure everyone is still there and I am not alone in this world. I have enjoyed the few times a couple of bloggers and myself have "met" on messenger and actually "talked." I think a lot of this has to do with getting myself acclimated to the new quietness that has fallen on my home in the last few weeks. With DS working almost every evening and at his girlfriends house after work and on days he isn't working, and with DD being gone all last week and then out with her BF tonight it is quiet. Boy that lived here but wasn't mine is gone for good, and for that I am glad. SH is working every evening and his days off are spent taking care of his little old ladies odd jobs. I feel a little out of sorts, but I am learning to not stress out too much and to try to enjoy the quietness a little. I think this is a good way to practice for when the nest is truly empty.
This morning at 4:50 someone decided it would be funny to call our house and wake us up. Any phone call at that time of the morning is scary to me, I'm always sure something is really wrong. The only thing wrong this time was someones teenage boys had been drinking a little too much and had too much time on their hands. My husband shares his name with a famous horror movie villain. These boys found the name in the phone book and called and started the conversation when DD and I both picked up phones by screaming "get the fu** out of that house." I promptly hung up, but DD took the phone to SH because they were screaming his name. When SH asked what they wanted they then explained where they would stick his phone for him. He then hung up, but it was too late and we were awake. 5AM also happens to be the time the guy who rides to work with our nearest neighbor shows up at his house. SH heard his truck and thought someone was here so we just got up. Of course by the time I got ready for work SH was snoring on the couch. I did get to work early and wasn't too affected by the 4 and a half hours of sleep I did get. I took a nap after work but that, as usual, gave me a raging headache.
I haven't seen SH alone or spent time with him this entire week. I stopped by his little old woman's after work and helped him for half an hour before he went to work. He informed me while I was there that I had better be awake tonight(-; I think poor SH is getting lonely too. The good news, next week he is on VACATION. Yes I said it, but not out loud. We are trying to keep a low profile with the whole vacation thing because if little old ladies get a whiff of days off all hell will break loose and he will be working harder than if he went to work. We have no real plans, but hope to at least get to go camping a few days. The temperature here was in the 90's today and supposed to climb to near 100 in the next week. I still have to work because I get no paid vacation, but I plan on taking a few days off to spend with my family.
My big plans for this weekend involve a haircut and a little highlighting to cover those few gray strands that are cropping up with persistence lately. I guess I should be happy I am just getting a few gray hair, which in the big scheme of things doesn't even count. Don't forget to stop by and leave a little love for whymommy...
Today when I was at Wal*mar* I was in line behind a woman whose patience was stretched thin. She had 2 children walking beside her, ages approximately 4 and 6. She had 2 little boys in the buggy that I assume were twins and looked to be about 2 and she had a baby in a carrier in the basket of the buggy that couldn't have been more than 6 months old. The walma*ts here have moved pregnancy test to the pharmacy and one certain check out line for when the pharmacy was closed. That poor woman had to ask for a pregnancy test. If I would have had my camera I would have taken a picture of the checkout clerks face, and mine. I try not to judge other peoples decisions about their families but I just about burst out laughing at the check out girls face. It was priceless.
Have a great Friday!


kim said...

I know what you speak of; too much quiet! We can talk anytime you want; unfortunately, I go to bed so darn early! Just so ya know, I loved this "randomness" post; it's interesting!

Monkling said...

Okay, first off, sit out on the front porch with a shotgun and if any of those old ladies try to get in on any of your man's vacation time, shoot 'em.

The whole being online too much - for me, being online was a lifesaver. I'm alone most of the time. Even when the kids were younger & at home, they were in school most of the day, Frank works late. Always did. The online world kept me feeling connected to actual people, made me feel like I wasn't alone. It still does.

Over the years, I've made some really good friends. Many of them I've met in person. Probably over 20. I've lost count.

The friends I've met online are no different than the ones I've made locally. Some are keepers. Some end up not being who you thought they were. People are people no matter how you meet them.

canape said...

That is TOO funny about the pregnancy tests!