Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ohio, the heart of it all

I must say I really appreciate bloggers auto save. I loaded all of these pictures and the electricity went out. With dial up, uploading these pictures takes a little while and I am so glad it auto saved them so I didn't have to do it again.

Yesterday we did our 10 hour road trip (which turned into 12 with SH drinking way too much coffee and the outlet mall) to get DD back. As a bonus we got to bring my niece back for a few weeks;-)

We started out early, before 6 and drove east. The bad thing about driving east early in the morning is that you are driving into the sun. Then we turn around in Cumberland and start back, we follow the sun west. The good thing about yesterday morning was the fog bank that was overhead. It wasn't one of those foggy mornings that makes you hate to drive because the fog stayed up high and blocked the sun a good portion of the trip. It almost looks like clouds in this picture taken in Charleston WV, but it is just good old fog.

We live in Southern Ohio in hilly country. There is a lot of flat land, but a lot of hills. When we start east through WV the hills get larger, and larger until they turn into mountains. The entire trip to Cumberland is spent either going up a mountain, or coming back down. We stopped at a road side rest right after this picture and SH tried to make some extra room in the car and put my camera in the trunk.....he thought just because I was driving the rest of the way I wouldn't take any pictures. I didn't realize he had put it there until I was driving 75 MPH up the next mountain.

DD had a nice trip to see my sister. They went to so many interesting places, but one of my favorites would have to be this one, ground zero. I still think it is a place people should see and remember so we don't let it happen again.

She also got to see some less important sites, like the naked cowboy. I've seen him on tv but didn't even think about him when she was going to NY.

She also bought some yummy handbags in Chinatown. I don't have a picture of them though.
On the way home I got my camera out of the trunk and took this picture.

I think someone was trying to tell me something. I wasn't sure what until I looked in my rear view mirror and realized what a blessing it was to have DD back safely and to get a little bonus too!

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Monkling said...

I'm glad DD is home. And that your photos were saved.

One day I'll blog about Frank & 9/11, probably on the anniversary. He worked in one of the WTC buildings.