Thursday, July 12, 2007

Do you remember?

It's time to test your memory. How many of you remember the 1980's? I mean really remember, not just remember seeing a picture in your mothers picture album. Some things I remember....

1. Very BIG hair. I used to get up an hour and a half before time to leave for school so I could wash my hair, dry it and put it in hot rollers....every single day no matter what.

2. Pegged jean legs. How did we get those things on over our feet? My jeans (which were size 6 to 8 back then even though I don't remember what that size really looks like) were so tight ankle to waist I am surprised I didn't pass out when I sat in class. The funny thing is I don't remember ever being uncomfortable in them.

3. Music- The music was great and like every other generation we think kids today do not understand real music.

This is all to bring me to a little story. Superhubby (SH) doesn't like to get rid of anything. AT ALL! He kept clothes from when we were dating and would love to still wear them if they would fit. While SH and DS were discussing today's boys shorts (which SH swears are just pants cut off a couple of inches) SH decided to drag out a few items of clothing he remembered fondly. My DS could not resist trying them on and having a little fashion show for us....Funny how your memory changes after a few years, I could have sworn those clothes were cute on SH.


Monkling said...

Heh! Cute outfit. I think your son should have gone out to the store or something dressed like that. If you think fashion in the 80s was bad, try living through school in the late 60s/early 70s!

Of course 80s music is great. Otherwise why would all the modern musicians be making remakes of them?

I remember seeing little girls dressed up like Madonna and wondering what the heck those mothers were thinking, allowing their kids to look like that??"

kim said...

Yup, I'm with Monkling. I graduated in '74; NOT an attractive time for clothing, and the stuff that's out now that was like what we wore then hasn't improved over the years. It was ugly then, and it's REALLY ugly now. 80s music was great; I am not now nor was I ever a big Madonna fan, but I challenge ANYONE to NOT DANCE while listening to "Get Into the Groove."

kim said...

Oh, and P.S.--

Isn't it amazing how that outfit that looked so cool on SH back then now looks slightly disturbing when modeled by DS now? HAHAHA!