Sunday, July 22, 2007


My Aunts house where the reunion takes place.....which is also the house that superhubby, my dad and uncle built. See that deck on the end, that is the deck that SH and my dad were on and it collapsed when they were trying to fasten the outside end in place. My dad broke his leg and ended up in the hospital and physical therapy for many months over that one. SH grabbed on to a floor joist and held on until he could jump safely and pull the rest of the deck off of my dad.

Ok, the theme for this years reunion was "cheese, cheese, say it with cheese.(not really but it seemed like it)" We had mac and cheese, broccoli casserole with cheese, hash brown casserole (with cheese) ham, chicken, dumplings, noodles, home made bread, mashed potatoes, potato and macaroni salad....the desserts were many.

My Uncle, who is the one nice enough to put up with the entire family every year likes to take the kids on a wagon ride after they eat. He uses the same tractor my grandpa used when I was little.

The young kids (and me) get really excited when the home made ice cream gets done and is ready to eat. Some of them that aren't "country people" can not believe ice cream doesn't just come in a carton from the store.

When it gets dark we all gather under the big canopy and play guitars and sing. See all of those lights, most of them are mine and every year it is my job to do the lighting. I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before or not but I belong to a very musical family. Most of the people in our family can sing or play an instrument. I don't know exactly how I missed out on the particular gene, but I did.

Now to my cousin and uncle. My Aunt and Uncle drive here from Virginia for the reunion a few days before the actual reunion. This year their daughter and her children were driving here on the day of the reunion and got a couple of hours away and their daughter got sick. I mean SICK. She finally called crying from Charleston WV and told her mom and dad (who were staying with my Aunt) that she couldn't drive any more and couldn't quit throwing up. They went to her and she ended up in the hospital all day and her dad stayed with her. They both missed the reunion and so they spent 16 hours on the road for nothing. She finally passed a kidney stone and they let her go to my aunts in the middle of the night. Her mom and dad did get to visit the day before so their trip wasn't completely a waste and her mom brought her kids back for the reunion so they did get to see the cousins they only see once a year.
Tonight is the annual after reunion pizza night but I was helping SH with some stuff and didn't feel like going.
DD is on her way to NJ, she just called from Cumberland MD. and YES I cried after she left. I did good until I got in the car at my moms (where she left from) and then I cried. I'm better now, but it is going to be a long week. DS is working evenings and so will SH later this week. I'm going to be lonely. Right now I don't have time to be lonely because SH and I haven't really been alone for many years and he is a little, ummmm, shall we say frisky. I think I had better go ;-)
Oh by the way Kim I think you would probably fit in well with our family. We have quite a few old friends of the family that come to the reunion just because they like to sit around and listen to everyone sing. They also like to eat just like the rest of us.


kim said...

Hey, my little Lighting Goddess friend! Seriously, GREAT lights! I am so jealous of your family reunion; my very favorite food group is cheese on top of any kind of unhealthy carb. Or just plain cheese. Or just plain unhealthy carbs. Along with big slabs of dead cow and/or pig. NUM! The homedmade ice cream? Yeah, baby! We always had that at our family reunions, too! Believe it or not, I'm not a huge ice cream eater--except when I get a craving--but homemade is something else! And I love the wagon--the whole thing looks just wonderful!!!! I'm so glad your cousin was able to get out of the hospital; what a harrowing experience. I loved seeing these pix and hearing about the reunion--it makes me miss my family of origin SOOOO much, but in a good way. However, I can't even imagine how lonely you're going to be with DD off on her NJ vacation and Superhub being his usual whirling-dirvish-worker self. So that means I hope you have several hours of friskiness tonight! HAHAHAHA!

Monkling said...

Oh, sure! Insult the non-country people! I'll have you know I've made ice cream, yogurt and even cheese. So there. Aside from the whole bug & critter thing, I keep saying I should have been born in the country.

Way cool lights and I have to ask you about something - it's a huge question that has always bugged me. In that first photo, what the heck is that big rolled up hay thingie?

I'm already on the job to entertain a local friend whose daughter is going off to Coast Guard boot camp tomorrow so now that I know you'll need entertaining too, I guess I'll just have to work doubly hard to have funny blog posts this week.

Oh, the pressure!!

Oh, The Joys said...

What is a reunion without cheese?!