Tuesday, July 03, 2007

the one where I try to make Ann Marie love me again and give me all the smooches

IMPORTANT.....if you haven't read my latest whymommy post please do so, it is right below this one. Whymommy needs everyones support.
Ok so since I am sucking up and trying to get back into Ann Maries (http://thewatermanswife.blogspot.com/ good graces I thought I would post some pictures of what is growing in my backyard right now.

See the little tiny watermelon growing in the middle? I love watermelon and in the 3 days or so since I took this picture it has about tripled in size. YUM! We also have quite a few cantelopes growing, which I can't stand but DD and superhubbby love.

See the tomatoes? We have about 50 tomatoes about this size. I don't like tomatoes at all and it's kind of a weird thing. I love things made with tomatoes but cannot eat a plain tomato to save my life. I love spagetti sauce, pizza sauce but can't eat a tiny little slice of tomato.
We also have dozens of cucumbers but I seem to have misplaced the picture I took of them and I am way too lazy to go back out in the 90 degree heat to take another one.
I know this isn't vanilla cream fruit smothered breakfast goodies but I did owe Ann Marie this, since she is working hard to get healthier and I am ruining it by talking about fattening breakfast foods.
DD and I are getting ready to go watch some fireworks with a bunch of family and friends. DS is obviously too old to go watch fireworks and superhubby has to work tonight. I hope everyone out there has a safe and wonderful 4th of July.


Monkling said...

Blogger needs some graphics. Like a very sad face. This is the first year I'm not growing tomatoes or cucumbers. I always wanted enough land to grow all kinds of stuff like you have.

All I have is my little herb garden outside the kitchen door with oregano, basil, parsley, thyme & cilantro. Hey, if you bring over some tomatoes, we can make salsa and pizza sauce.

Ann Marie said...

ewwww watermelon! Yck.. subtract two more smooches.. BUT for the cantelope and the tomatos you get.. way way way many many many smooches!!! I love those.