Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Busy as a Bee

For the last few weeks I have had my niece here visiting from NJ. I love that girl like my own and we have been busy as a bunch of bees. It is hard to find time to post, let alone think about something intelligent to say (why should I try to sound intelligent now huh?) with a very active 9 year old running around that I am trying to fit months of things to do into a few weeks. Right now she and Superhubby are building her a dollhouse.

Yes she is building it in her PJ's late at night. The finished product is going to be so cool and I will post some pictures of it soon.

In other news my DS just left for his second day of his new job. It is a job that requires you to wear real clothes. He is so excited to get that 9 dollars and odd change an hour. He is already looking at apartments and grown up stuff like that. It is hard to explain to a 19 year old the cost of living on your own. They just have to figure it out themselves I guess. He says he knows he has it made living at home but he wants to live closer to Huntington WV where he works (and where his girlfriend lives.)
He always makes that face when I take his picture.....I love that boy!


kim said...

Well, would ya just look at him, all dressed up adult-like! Very handsome DS you have there! And the little one working on her dollhouse? Awww...too sweet. Can't wait for pix of Superhub's handiwork :)!

Monkling said...

I just love working teenagers. And working 22 year olds, for that matter.