Sunday, July 08, 2007

It ain't for the faint of heart

Country living has its perks. I love being able to walk outside and hear nothing but birds. I love sitting outside and not seeing anyone and knowing no one can see me in my shorts with holes in them and tank top. If I hear an airplane it is usually worth going outside and looking, because with all these hills around low flying airplanes are few and far between. I love looking at my dozens and dozens of plants which are quickly growing a large amount of tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and cantaloupe.
Country living also has its downside. I hate it if I need to go shopping. There is a small store a few miles from here that is great to grab a few groceries and they cut their own meat so I don't buy meat anywhere else. If you need much though you have to drive to town....miles and miles away. I also hate hate hate hate hate hate to walk outside and see this.......

Yes I was talking to my sister in NJ on the phone and walked out the door right beside this. My poor sister who is in NJ while her daughter is here with me and this thing. I'm flipping out because I am afraid to walk back beside it to get in the house and too afraid to walk around back in the dark to another door. I finally yelled long enough that DS heard me from the pool around back and went and got superhubby. Superhubby brought his trusty hoe and pulled it off of the porch while I ran in the house to make sure the kids didn't walk out (yeah keep telling yourself that.) Then I got my camera and went back outside to get a few pictures. Superhubby got it off of the porch(where there are baby birds in a nest- yum)

Then quick as a flash and while I was being brave (or dancing around squealing like a little girl) it jumped off of the hoe and under superhubby's car......where it remains 2 hours later. It didn't just go under the car, it went up in the engine compartment. Superhubby bravely tried to get it out but then it disappeared somewhere under that car and we can't find it. Superhubby is still out there determined to get it out from under his car. It may have been something I said, like "it will be a cold day in H*ll before I get back in that car with you." I've tried to be brave and walked around the car while he sprayed underneath and beat the car all over with his hoe, but I could still stay 5 or 6 feet away from the car and watch from a safer distance.

I still plan on posting about that couple that sat by us at the fair, but for some reason whenever I think about them I get mad, then get madder and then just get sick to my stomach. I'm working up to it.

UPDATE: I hit publish post and heard DD coming home so I walked outside just in time to hear superhubby say "I SEE HIM." Then we spent 30 minutes trying to pull him out from under the hood with pliers. I say we like I actually did anything other than hold a light from 4 feet away and scream every time it moved a little. Finally Superhubby cut the thing in half and threw a couple of feet of tail down and pulled and pulled on the rest(which was over 2 more feet of snake. It finally came loose and started striking at him until he got his trusty hoe and smashed its little head. It quit moving then but the tail wiggled around in the driveway until Superhubby finally threw it into the woods. I HATE SNAKES!


Monkling said...

I am making a note to myself - find out if there are snakes in Suffolk county before deciding to move out there. Although I may be willing to deal with snakes in exchange for quiet. I suppose snakes are too skinny to shoot, eh?

kim said...

On a family trip to The Black Hills of South Dakota when I was 9 years old, a garter snake slithered across the sidewalk in front of me at Storybook Gardens. If it is possible for a 9-year-old to have a heart attack, I did. And age hasn't mellowed my feelings about snakes. Faint of heart, indeed.