Thursday, July 26, 2007

I just heard a pin drop

The Myers household is way too quiet this week. I am amazed myself at how loud the birds are outside. It sounds like a jungle. I think there are storms all around us tonight and the birds must be congregating in the woods around my house until it blows over.

A week or two ago I accidentally stumbled onto a family tree type site and clicked on inquiries from our county. I found someone there asking if anyone had ever heard of a cemetery that happens to be right up the road from me, way out a dirt road in the woods. So yesterday after work I drove up this road...

Then up this hill to the cemetery.... Isn't this a peaceful looking place?

And I took a bunch of pictures like this....

I've spent a lot of last night trying to decifer the words and dates on these. I sent her a bunch of pictures and she was excited to see them. She thinks one might be her Great- Great grandmother. We are still trying to see the date of death on the tombstone to try to get the dates to collaborate. DS and I are going back up this weekend and see if his slightly younger eyes can see the dates better.
I spent a really nice hour there, matching tombstones to names and taking pictures. There is absolutely nothing around there, just complete wilderness. I think I will enjoy going back this weekend with my DS just for the surroundings. I wonder if anyone else thinks I am weird to think that this old cemetery is a nice place to spend an evening?

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kim said...

I don't think it's weird at all (but then many people over the years have commented on how weird I AM). When I was a young teen, my girlfriend and I went for a bike ride and ended up way, way out in the country. We stumbled upon an old church and cemetary from the 1800s. After that, we would visit at least monthly, and we had picnics there. It was peaceful and nice--not creepy or weird at all.