Sunday, July 01, 2007

Team whymommy part 2

It is Sunday morning. I am the only one awake at 9AM, reading up on a few blogs, feeding dogs, wishing I had gotten ready for church instead of reading blogs and playing with dogs. I have a full, busy day today and my niece that I love like one of my own children is coming from NJ to spend a little of her summer with us. She does this every summer and I enjoy these weeks with her tremendously.
I am also taking a few minutes this morning to count my blessings. My teenagers are in bed asleep. I know they should be up and not sleeping all day, but they are teenagers and morning is not a great time for them. I feel blessed that my teenagers spent Saturday night at home. That isn't always the case but most of the time they are here or out for just a little while and then right back home. I have never had to worry about them getting into too much trouble. I feel blessed this morning that I am not the mother of a 19 year old local girl killed by a drunk driver Friday night. I wish I knew her mother because I feel like I need to help her family for some reason. I just read the paper and realize the drunk driver was someone I knew in high school. Sigh.
My biggest blessing for this morning is that I am here with my family and, at least for the time being no one in my family is facing any serious medical issues. We have had lots of them in the past. Superhubby and I have both had many family members who have had to fight the horrible monster called cancer. I hate cancer and DD and I both support the relay for life and cancer research when we can.
Today thousands of people are fighting cancer. Cancer sucks. There is no other way around it and no other words I care to use to talk about it. There are newborn babies with cancer, children, teens, adults and older people. We all need to find time in our day to do something for someone with cancer. If you've never had cancer try to imagine the panic and fear you would feel when a doctor used that word pertaining to you. Today if you read this please go to and spend a few minutes sharing happy thoughts with this young mother of two small children who must now fight this beast. No bad stories, no more fear or pity.....just a few lines to let her know the fight can be won and people everywhere are cheering her on in this fight.


kim said...

Thank you, Katy, for being so caring and empathetic. You KNOW that I can tell you from experience how very much that means to those of who took on the beast, either for ourselves or close loved ones, and did not end up on the winning side of the battle--as well as to those who do beat the beast. I also love that DD, at age 16, has gotten involved. You already know I think she is just incredibly pretty, but her involvement in this cancer battle proves she also has character and substance. Although I don't "know" your girl, I love her just the same! To me, it is just SO obvious that your kids have great parents. And it is truly my good fortune to have gotten acquainted with you. I plan on getting over to whymommy soon; I did a little reading after your first post, and it just hurt my heart so much. I've needed a few days to get in the right frame of mind, but I will be joining in. Thanks again, Katy, for caring beyond your own family. Obviously, character breeds character!

canape said...

Amen. You just "went to church," as my grandmother would say, on your blog.

Monkling said...

Doesn't get much more important than that - to count one's blessings and to offer support to others. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and overlook those things.

WhyMommy said...

Thanks. It helps so much to know that I'm not alone.