Friday, July 27, 2007

Pre-empty nest syndrome

Pre-empty nest syndrome is probably not real, but I plan on inventing it after this week of being alone. I am surprised at how well I seem to be handling being alone, but I am spending way too much time on the internet. I am getting to chat with a few blogger buddies I met through this blog and that helps pass the evenings, but I need to learn to be alone without the internet. I guess I can wait until my kids actually leave home for good before I do that.
I have learned a few things this week.
1. No matter how many times I swear I will clean the entire house this week, it isn't going to happen.
2. I am much braver than I thought. When my dog starts barking, which usually means someone is here, I go outside to see. Maybe I am stupider than I thought because I have no really close neighbors to yell at. I just hate to sit and the house and wait to see if anyone knocks on the door. I have been outside looking twice in the last 15 minutes and I finally figured out that someone is coon hunting in the woods and my dog hears their dogs.
3. I hate going to Wal Mar* alone. I left home at 8 and was through the store and starting back home by 8:50. It is a 25 minutes drive to Wal Mar* from here. I got a few groceries and some shampoo and was outta there.
4. I do not eat well when I am alone. I don't eat like I should anyway but Tuesday night, which was my first all alone night I had cheetos and marshmallows for dinner. Wed. night I made spaghetti just so there would be something here to eat. Tonight I was going to get something and bring it home and couldn't make up my mind so I am eating nilla wafers. I am going to eat a banana in a few minutes just to say I ate something worth while.
5. When my kids were young and I was a stay at home mom I had friends I talked to every day on the phone. I don't talk on the phone now much at all and I really don't miss it. I do have one friend I talk to sometimes and that is nice, but I don't miss that everyday stuff. D would call, then K would call then I would have to call someone else and I spent hours on the phone. I can not figure out how I did that. I guess now that I have teens they use the phone most of the time and I do not miss it.
6. I need a hobby. I used to do craft stuff and that doesn't interest me at all anymore. I do love taking pictures but you can only take pictures so much at home and who wants to drive somewhere every day to take pictures. Gas is so high and my mini van gets 10 miles to the gallon or something like that.
7. I have also learned that I was right when I decided years ago that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I have worked since the kids started school but with my job I have always been able to work hours that coincides with their school time. In the summer I can work mostly when superhubby is home and of course it doesn't hurt them to be home an hour or two alone now.
8. When the kids are gone I need to try to work more hours when superhubby is working. The evenings are way too long without him here.
9. I guess the biggest thing I have learned is that I can be alone and it won't kill me, though sometimes when I think about being alone permanently I get this little pain.....

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Monkling said...

Good thing being alone doesn't kill a person or I'd have been dead a long time ago and then who would be writing insanely crazy blog posts for your entertainment?

Like anything else, you get used to it. And yep, when everyone gets home really late, I don't eat right and I spend a whole lot of time on the Internet.