Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Superhubby and I are both very big family people. What I mean by that is we both enjoy being around our extended families. We had a chance years ago, when our children were small, to relocate to a place with a much better economic outlook than we have here but neither of us could stand to leave our families. My parents had 3 children and of the 3 I am the only one still around here. SH's parents had 6 children and only one ventured more than 15 minutes away and she was following her husband who was in the military. This weekend starts the family reunion stretch of our summer. This weekend members of my family will meet at my Aunts house and eat, eat, sing, play guitars, eat some more, play volleyball, horseshoes, ladder ball and then eat. We are the best there is at finding excuses to eat. When the family starts getting here from out of town, usually 2 or 3 days before the actual reunion we will start eating. We will have "welcome to Ohio" baked steak and mashed potatoes one night. We will have "thanks for helping us get ready for the reunion" wiener roast the next night. We will then have the actual reunion with 60 or 70 people cooking food. Then we will have the annual "reunions over so lets just get together before everyone leaves" pizza night. When the weekend is over my poor Aunt A, who takes most of the reunion on by herself, will swear she can't do this again next year and then she will, because she too is a big family person.

Then in a few weeks we will attend the 85th (or somewhere around there) Myers family reunion. This reunion is more of a habit than an actual family get together for most. The Myers family have an old church way out in the country. When I say way out I mean way out. You go down the road from my house, turn right and drive. When you drive so far you start seeing Amish buggies and thinking maybe you drove back in time, you turn left on the next dirt road. DS and SH are the caretakers of the cemetery at this church too. For many years my SIL, her 3 children and one other old lady were the only people attending this church. I think that since the older lady got too ill to attend no one actually goes to church there. I do love this little old church even though there are no services there anymore. It sits all by itself, on a hill with nothing between you and God but a few clouds. You can walk around the dirt road without seeing a car or a person for hours. We usually spend a few days before the reunion cutting weeds down around the area. The church has very little grassy area that isn't hillside so the reunion is a little odd. There are tables that are put out in a row along the road. If a car comes and wants to go by they just have to stay on the far side of the dirt road. This year is a dry year so dusty food is normal. Many times over the years people have mentioned the idea of putting the food in the church and letting people eat there, but they are always met with angry looks, it is tradition and they don't like to break it.
The other side of SH's family has a reunion in July but it is always on a Saturday and SH has to work Saturdays so we seldom make it to that one.
I guess the entire reasoning behind this post was to mention that if you don't hear from me in the next few weeks I probably blew up from all the homemade bread, noodles and deserts. What a way to go!
Next week I'm sure I will be posting 2 or 3 times a day because DD is going to NJ to visit my sister, DS just started a new job and is gone every evening and Superhubby works evenings. Boy that lives with us but isn't mine is supposed to sign a lease on his own apartment today.....YES! I'm just not used to being alone...I am never alone.....what will I do?


Monkling said...

I'm still in NY and, even though I know we'd do better leaving the state, there's no way I'd move far from my brother & sister. I wish we had family reunions.

Far as being alone, yeah, that would be my world. I'm liking having both kids home for the summer, even though I only get to see them at night and on the weekends.

kim said...

What you'll do is blog, and tell us in great detail about all the wonderful food. Being alone is overrated.

When I was a kid, the family reunions were great; but, then again, every weekend was like a family reunion, with my Grandma being the oldest of 9 siblings. It was rural, it was wonderful and I'm so glad I have those memories. Your DD and DS don't quite know it yet, but they will treasure those memories later on, too.

kim said...

Let me repeat...

...tell us in great detail about all the wonderful food.

I'm waiting...

Monkling said...

Kim, Katy is way too busy eating and having fun to be bothered posting here about food. But I know she will be taking notes so that she can tell us all about it when she gets back. Otherwise, if we don't hear any details, there will be no living with us. Oh, wait. She doesn't actually live with us, does she?