Sunday, July 29, 2007

These are the days of our lives

I spent today helping superhubby at one of his little old ladies houses stripping and painting old iron railing. It looks great when it is done but stripping the paint off that stuff is a horrible job. This iron railing had layers and layers of paint from many years past and it has a design of hundreds of flowers and stems. This is the second of his little old ladies that have wanted this done this summer and both jobs were time consuming and tiring. Superhubby has been working on this one for a week, the last one took 2. The temperature today was upper 80's, but the humidity was sky high. We both spent most of the day wiping sweat out of our eyes. We got the first layer of paint on and he will have to finish it himself Tuesday.
Tomorrow we are getting up at 5 and going to get DD. We are hoping to only have to drive to Cumberland, MD, but if my sister doesn't want to meet us there SH says we are going all the way to NJ and back, in one day. That would be a at least 20 hours on the road, which I don't want to do. I think she is about to agree to meet us, which may be due to the fact that DD told her she had to get home tomorrow. I'd like to say she is homesick for me, but I think it probably has something to do with a certain boy she is missing. There is a small outlet mall about halfway between here and Cumberland that we would like to stop at on the way home. They have a tool outlet, a Rue 21 outlet and Correll and other cooking stuff outlet. SH can look at tools while DD and I look at more important clothes.
I think I need to go make SH get to bed, it is a little over 6 hours until time to get up and he needs some rest after today. I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Monkling said...

I hope sister does the drive. SH sounds very much like Frank. He'd go the entire way, too, if he had to rescue Theresa and then get 2 hours sleep & go off to work the next day.

kim said...

I, too, hope she makes the drive. SH is also obviously SD (SuperDad). Hopefully, she will magically turn into SS (SuperSister) and do the right thing and meet halfway!!! Either way, though, I'm glad DD is coming home!