Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Bithday DS

July 14th will forever be a special day for me. Nineteen years ago my first child came into this world and my life changed forever. The day before he was born a woman dressed as a nurse went into a new mothers room and explained to her they needed to take her child down for a picture. She took that baby and walked out of the hospital with him. When I went into labor and went to the hospital security was crazy. There were FBI agents walking around and policemen everywhere. The woman who took the baby took him home to show her parents and they knew something wasn't right so while I was in surgery they brought her back to the hospital with the police officers to walk her around the labor and delivery floor to try to make her tell the truth. When I got out of surgery they took my baby, locked superhubby and myself up in our room and there were stayed all night. The fire alarms went off every 30 minutes all night, though I never could figure out why. Other than a few minutes in recovery I wasn't allowed to see my son until the next morning. I alternately dozed and cried all night. When they brought him to me in the morning I was so relieved I didn't let them have him back. Now he is 19 and I still don't want him to be away from me for long, but I'm trying to learn because that day is approaching fast.
The birthday boy is in the dark blue......Happy Birthday son....I love you.


kim said...

HAPPY, HAPPY *19TH* BIRTHDAY, DS!!! Hope it was the best one yet.

I cannot even imagine how scary that night must have been for you. For them to take DS and then put you and SH in "lockdown" is cruel and inhuman. On the one hand, I'm really glad that hospital security has gotten so much better; on the other hand, I think it's a really sad commentary on society that hospitals--maternity floors, for pete's sake--have to have security measures in place. Grrrr...

Wow, Katy, 19!!!! Only one more year of DS being a teen...where does the time go.

Monkling said...

I think he should have gone retro again with his outfit. Happy Birthday to the boy. And tell him if I can call guys in their late 20s, "boys", he can't take that as an insult.