Sunday, August 12, 2007

A house for B's dolls

The house is finished and already in NJ. The food at the reunion is eaten and SH is sleeping. I got a nice little nap after I got my tummy full and now I am ready to go for the evening. I don't think I really have anything to do this evening but I kind of like it that way. I could probably get something done around the house if I would get off of my hiney. I also have a new Jan Karon book I haven't read so that is high on my priority list right now.

Here are a few pictures, but pictures in a garage at 6AM just don't seem to do it justice.

The little stairway which SH completely cut out and made by hand actually turns at the top and goes to the right, the picture doesn't show it well.
This picture was taken before the front of the house was finished and added but you can see how the roof tilts up to show attic rooms.

Well I am off to scrub something on my hands and knees, or read..... maybe I should toss a coin.


Monkling said...

I'm just catching up with everything now. Love the doll house. Hate that you got even less sleep than I did so now I can't whine about being up until 1 a.m. last night.

About your niece, I know that had to be hard but you know what? She does have you and she gets to be there a lot and that is a big deal. No it's not the same as living there but her life is better because you are a part of it and this is a good thing.

kim said...

That is an incredible dollhouse! Those steps--WOW! I notice the way SH rounded off the bottom step on the first floor--TOO COOL; just like all the really nice houses! Well, I am glad that B and her dollhouse got home okay, and everything that Monkling said is right on...

I hope you two are sleeping tonight, cause I'm sure not. I'm at work right now--ask Monk, she'll tell you...Grrr. Later!