Thursday, August 23, 2007

Even more randomness

My poor little Koko. She had puppies, got fixed and now she is confused. I think she is in love with a purple hippo, or I am tired and am seeing imaginary purple hippos.

SH has this thing with stuff. He lives for his stuff. He loves flea markets and anywhere else he can buy stuff cheap. He is cleaning out his building and organizing. This is just ONE example of too much stuff. This isn't even all of the hammers the man owns. He has a bunch in the garage and some in his car.........Anyone need a nail pounded into their walls?

SH has been working every day all day for months now. He was tired at his family reunion this is about as active as he got. All this work is getting to him......

1 comment:

kim-d said...

Tired or not, that's still one fine-lookin' man you've got there, Katy :)! Lucky you, and lucky him, too!

My gosh, his tool area is a thing of beauty! Just look at how organized and orderly everything is. Could I get him to come over and get me organized? And also to hammer some nails into my walls. Oh, and while he's there...yeah, I just wish I could be one of his little old ladies!

Is Koko missing her babies, or what? Whatever the case, that picture is cute, cute, cute!