Saturday, August 18, 2007

22 years

On August 17, 1985 I put hot rollers in my hair, put on a white dress with a hoop underneath, took those rollers out and used half a can of hairspray and walked down the aisle of my church to marry my best friend. I probably used blue eyeshadow too, though I don't remember. I didn't realize at the time how blessed I was. SH is the kind of man that I am sure my parents hoped I would find. He is caring. He would never hurt me. He believes in hard work and helping others. He would give his last penny to any family member who needed it. He loves me even when I don't feel lovable.
Happy Anniversary SH! I'm so glad I found you.


katy said...

Kim, I forgot to answer your question about the kitchen in the last post. That is my parents house.

kim said...

Awww...HAPPY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, KATY AND SH!!!! 22 great years, and here's to the next 22!!! I was wondering "where you were" Katy, since it's not like you to go without a new post--now I understand!!! You sly girl, you--you never said anything about your upcoming we know, though!

Love your parents' kitchen.

Monkling said...

Damn my bad memory! I knew your anniversary was coming up and I meant to make a note of it ahead of time but of course I forgot.


Do something fun this weekend (& if that involves what I think it will, please don't take photos).

kim said...

MWAHAHAHA; I agree with Monkling. Imagine that, huh? HAHAHAHA! OR, IF YOU MUST TAKE PHOTOS, give us one of SH with a big ole silly grin on his face! Have a great weekend!