Thursday, August 23, 2007


Today was a pretty good day. I went to work early and when it was about time to leave DS called me and said he had left work early because his throat was sore and he kept coughing into the phone when he was trying to help customers. Then he mentioned that he needed to go grocery shopping and wanted to know what I was doing after work so I drove to his apartment and he and I went grocery shopping...............I CAN'T HELP IT KIM....HE IS MY BABY!
We went back to his place and shared a chicken dinner and then I came home. In the middle of all of this DD (who turns 17 today) called and someone at school had given her and a friend 4 tickets to the Reds game for TONIGHT. The game starts in 3 hours and she still hasn't found out if they are going to get to go and it is a 3 hour drive. Life is stressful for teenagers. She wants to go so bad but her b/f who took off work early to spend some time with her doesn't really want to go. She doesn't want to go without him since he took off work...etc. etc. I think I am going to get a headache before the night is over.

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kim said...

HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY DD/JEN A.!!!!! It is your birthday, so your boyfriend HAS to do what you want to do. I said so--HA!

I know, Katy, I know! I would have done the exact same thing, only I wouldn't have even waited for an invitation :)! Besides--in a few weeks, I'll be 51 years old and I STILL WANT MY MOM when I'm sick :)!!!! I'll bet he really is lonely for home...