Sunday, April 15, 2007

puppies and flea markets

Today I spent my day with DH at the big Lucasville flea market. He was in complete ectasy and I was ankle deep in mud. It rained all day yesterday and poured the rain last night most of the night. There was high water everywhere but not high enough to keep us from the flea market. My DH bought a bunch of tools. This man already has more tools than Sears but he can't help himself. We stopped at Sears because, well, just because we drove by one and that is reason enough for my hubby to stop. They had a cordless drill on sale. He whinned around like a little kid and got his drill which he is using right now to try to make the kitchen escape proof for the puppies. Those little boogers are Houdini's when it comes to getting out of their enclosures. This week I hope it warms up enough that we can start some serious potty training, or outside training. It has been so cold and wet I can't make them go outside and it gets old mopping the kitchen floor up over and over.
I bought very little at lucasville today. I bought a bunch of different makeup so DD and I can figure out what looks good on her for prom. I also bought DD a couple of Longeberger (however you spell that) purses. I found a sweet woman up there willing to bargain so I bought her two. She was happy with both of them.
I guess I had better go play with puppies so they will sleep tonight. They are getting this really annoying habit of waking up between 4 and 5 AM and wanting to play and eat and I have a better habit of sleeping at that time. I hope to change their habit and not mine!

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kim said...

Okay, am I to assume the pups are moving into teenagerhood, since that is usually when the Houdini-ness shows itself. HAHAHA! Have I told you lately how envious I am of you with those puppies? And the fun of helping DD with prom? Oh, THAT takes me back! I absolutely cannot wait for pictures; she is going to be SO gorgeous! BTW, what is a Longeberger purse? I only know baskets? Picture, possibly? And thanks for the nice comment--not to worry, even in my loner-ness I still went to church and mixed and mingled and talked with my church friends, so I don't think there's any real chance I'll move back into hermitdom :)! The one thing about myself that I've always been really happy about is, if I'm feeling sad or down about something, it usually does not last too long at all. Especially after I write about it, which is the absolute beauty, for me, of having a blog. I have always, always been one to solve my own problems, between writing and thinking it through--much better and cheaper than therapy! And that "TV thing" you talked about; well, that just about takes the cake! And I don't think I've ever said it to you, so I'm sayin' it now--thanks for always being around for me--it means a lot, and I am so glad we "chat"!!! Plus, I love the pix, and need more. Hehehe!