Saturday, April 21, 2007

Let the sunshine

Today is a beautiful day.....warm, sunny, and breezy. I am so excited about hanging clothes on the clothesline, which means I need to get a life.
DD is starting her 4th year as a docent at the local historical society museum today. She loves doing this job and enjoys learning about the different exhibits. My son is working today, other non child of mine is off on an overnight trip and hubby is working....I'M HOME ALONE! I guess you would consider it alone there are 4 dogs in the house watching every move I make in case I accidentally drop a piece of this pasta I'm eating. I can still turn the music up and sing as loud as I want to, the puppies haven't figured out how to howl yet so I should be good there. I'm opening all the doors and windows so the birds and the deer can hear me too. The neighbors are a little far away to hear me, though they used to be able to hear my sons band when they practiced in the basement. They said from their house it was just a dull roar that they couldn't hear unless they were outside. Lucky them, the boys practiced right under my bed room. Drum set, 2 crate half stack amps and guitars, one bass guitar and lots of "singing." I don't know if I have ever mentioned that my son is a good singer. He didn't sing for their band, but he was Conrad birdie in Bye bye birdie at the high school and was the scarecrow in the Wizard of oz. This week he started piano lessons. Next week he adds voice. It was just something he always wanted to do and now he is going to try it for awhile. I think it will be great over the summer when he has no classes.
This may shock you (Kim) but after months of planning, weeks of trying on prom dresses and finally finding the right one. Shopping endlessly for shoes and finally having to order them, getting the right necklace and earrings and hours spent researching hair styles and hundreds of dollars spent and my DD isn't going to the prom. Prom boy got back with his ex girlfriend and things just went downhill from there. It started with "well we both have other dates so if you will just find another ride home from prom so I can take her home." Ok DD was fine with that one. Then it went to "what hairstyle are you getting because girlfriend doesn't want to have the same one." Ok..... then it went to "Would you just come to grand march and then go home?" Uh No! Definately not spending another hundred dollars on hair, nails etc. for 15 minutes and a couple of pictures. She had another boy ask her to another prom and she may go with him just for the fun of it. I think I am getting a migrane.


kim said...

Oh Katy, I don't know whether to laugh first or to cluck like a mother hen first! The laughing over the 12-Step Program for Blog Addiction. I'm right there with ya on that one, Girlfriend! I stalk the sites I visit--including this one--just waiting for updates. In fact, I've already been by here a few time earlier today, and was starting to get a little anxiety-ridden over not "talking" to you in one form or another for a few days! Katy, I hate to admit it, but I have come to the realization that things like hanging clothes out and visiting our blog friends, IS our life now :)! It's so funny that you said there isn't time for CaringBridge because of the blogs--I KNOW!!!!! I have cut back to just my very favorites with whom I have at least an on-line relationship. And I just keep adding more blogs! I've added another three just today; better find the next "meeting" pronto--HA!

Now, on to the I the only one ready to go slap Prom Boy upside the head? In my estimation, DD should regard this as good riddance to bad trash. But she should also accept this other Prom invitation and go looking absolutely FABULOUS, as she tends to do in those gorgeous dresses of hers. What do ya think? Really, I certainly hope she knows this has nothing to do with HER. Please say that is the case. This is definitely one of those things that will eventually come back to bite Prom Boy right in the a**, because that just is not the right way to treat people. Okay, I'm done ranting now!

And good for your son! I hope he enjoys those fun classes. I am so envious of anybody with any musical talent whatsoever. He sounds like such a nice kid anyway!

And last but not least, for your addiction pleasure, I just added a new post for today. HAHAHAHAHA! Don't say I never did anything for ya! More HA's :)!!!!

kim said...

Me again--what a shock, huh? HAHA! I just had to come back and say how glad I am that DD has such healthy self-esteem; that is so great because some teen girls don't, ya know? But, then again, I think that the closeness between you and DD, and the fact that you and DH love each other so much and have a good marriage that provides a good family life, really has a huge impact on the self-esteem thing. So, speak of being nosey like that, be sure to keep me posted on the prom saga, with pix if applicable :)!

Yeah, we had SUCH A BLAST at the craft festival, and the weather was PERFECT. We both talked about how good that was for our moods! I got three "pieces" for my deck; two plant stands, one large and one medium, and also a thing that looks almost like a tea cart (but without wheels and a handle) but that can be a plant holder, or a serving cart, or whatever you want to do with it. I love them so much, and the prices were just ridiculously cheap. Then I also got a candleholder that is really pretty--you put in a votive and the glass "shade" fits down over it and the whole thing hangs off of a black wrought iron stand. Really, really pretty. And I also got an excellent glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade, and my girlfriend go some stuff, too! My main focus was the deck stuff, so that made me a happy camper right off! Man, do my legs hurt, though, cause I'm usually so lazy and this particular festival is HUGE! Fun time...

How are the fur kids doing?