Monday, April 30, 2007

Not today

With apologies to Lolly I have to tell this little story....and complain a little.
This year my daughter and a few of her friends are doing the dinner theater for our schools drama. All money they make will go to the schools relay for life cancer fund. Our little school raises a lot of money every year for cancer research and this is just one thing they are doing. The complaint part? My daughters group decided by themselves to do dinner theater. They got all excited, made plans, made flyers....but never asked an adult(other than the drama coach). They priced the tickets 5.00 less than normal.....and didn't think about the part that even if the parents had time to cook for them, all but a couple of the kids are involved in the show so who is going to serve? I love these kids and I am so very proud of their contribution to cancer research, but I am on my way to town to price caterers and stuff(to see if thats in our price range if we don't have time to cook) and then help them make a final decision. I am all for letting kid learn their lessons and see what a job they got themselves into, but this is different. People are paying 20.00 a plate to eat and watch a show. We can't let it get done half way when people expect something for their money...sigh..Tomorrow Lolly!


kim said...

Katy--Oh no!!!! Man alive, if it's not one thing, it's 10 or 20 others, huh? And such good intentions, too. No matter how things turn out (and they WILL turn out great, with SuperMama on the case!!!!), please tell DD for me that I appreciate any and all efforts for cancer. She's not only beautiful, but kind and giving too! Because of good parents :).

lolly said...

LOL we had the same issue last year - we ended up rounding up parents from the PTO (kids had to call) and worked with the gals in the lunch room to make spaghetti (because their sauce is fabulous) for us - a few of them even offered to stay and serve! This year they've upped it in service and since it was such a huge hit - we're doing dinner theater again this year also - ahhh the things those kids teach us!! Good Luck! Break a leg!!

kim said...

Hi Katy--Simply felt the need to stop by and tell you I'm thinking about you. I hope you've had a happy day! :)