Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm having one of those days that seem to be just a little off. Nothing is really wrong, or bad, but just off. I woke up to puppies crying 45 minutes before my alarm went off so I jumped up and took them outside to see if they would potty out there. There were some hunting dogs in the woods and a couple of deer doing their little bark thing so all 3 puppies ran back in the garage, pottied in the garage and then were ready to go inside. I got them fed and got my daughter up for school. That went well. I got ready and left for work a few minutes early so I didn't have to rush and that felt good. I got to the gas station by work at 7:50 and realized that I had left without getting my son up for his 8:10 class. We live 20 minutes from his school. I called and woke him up and told him to go to class but not to drive too fast. (like he would really rush to get to school) I had left the puppies out in the kitchen when I left because if I put them in their pen they cry when I leave and wake my DH up and he works evenings and doesn't need to be up at 8. When I got home there were 5 little piles of doggy do in the kitchen.....I was only gone 4 and a half hours. How do they do that?

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kim said...

Missing you makes them need to poop--HAHA! :)