Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I am your future part two

Just a few more things that have come to mind since I started this post..
6. Zits and gray hair. What is that anyway? I think there should be some law that states if you are starting to get gray hairs you should be exempt from zits. Call your congressmen and maybe by the time you are my age something will be done about this.
7. I am now to the point where I am so happy to see my monthly "little visitor" every month. I can't take any type of birth control pills because of a medical condition so most of the time I am happy to see it. I love my kids but to start again when my kids are almost grown just makes me tired even to think about.
8. Forget about any metabolism. I can't even spell it well more or less have any of my own. Superhubby loves me and I thank God for that every day. His eyes are starting to get weak but I'm thinking I will not chance getting the man glasses.
9. Forgetfulness is a way of life. One example: each night that I have to get up early I take tylenol PM. It doesn't knock me out but when I get to sleep I sleep right through supperhubby coming home from work at 1 AM banging around the house. I have always been a fairly light sleeper but with the Tylenol I can sleep through anything. I went to the kitchen 10 minutes ago to take my nightly dose, came back in here and looked at my computer screen and thought "did I actually take it or did I just get a drink and forget to take it." I truthfully have no freakin idea if I took it. I went back and took 2 more just in case. I am the poster child for overdosers everywhere. It's a good thing I don't take any medication regularly because I would have to get one of those weekly pill dose boxes and then I wouldn't be able to remember if I refilled for this week. If I could take birth control I would take the entire months worth in a week so it wouldn't do any good anyway.
10. Since when did I start snoring like a chain saw. I never really snored much until the last year or so and all of the sudden I snore so loud I wake myself up. Superhubby and I sleep in different areas half of the time because both of us snore and the first one to sleep is the only one to sleep. I do have an unfair advantage with this one because I work days and he works evenings. I can be asleep and snoring when he gets home. I fall asleep on the couch quite a bit so he can have the bed and sleep late after we all leave in the morning but I snore loud enough that he can't hear the tv;)
11. Watching your children DRIVE away in a car, in my opinion, is the main cause of gray hair and heart disease. You don't read in the bible of people needing triple bypass or dropping dead from a heart attack....Their kids didn't drive! It seems like one day you are buckling them in their cute little car seats and then next minute you are watching them careen towards the ditch down the road and barely miss sideswiping a tree. Next thing you know they want you to believe they don't need you any more. Wait until the gas tank is on E and they need you again, if only temporarily.
12. One of the worst is watching your childrens heart break. There are different reasons for this. In my house both of my children were in "love" with someone and it came to an end. The grief was almost as bad for me just watching their hearts break and I sometimes wondered if my son would make it through this ok. He is much better now, but a year later still gets sad over her sometimes. Being older and having memories of my teen years I knew it would be better eventually, but of course they think at the time it will never feel better. The other kind of heartache is when a friend dies. All children go through older family members passing away and that is so hard, but when someone their own age dies it is so wrong. It isn't supposed to happen at their age and their life is turned upside down. Two years ago boy that lives with me but isn't mine wrecked his car into a creek with one of his and my sons friends in the car. He got out but couldn't get the friend out and the friend drowned. He told me afterwards that he pulled on the boys arm to try to get him loose and could feel the boy pulling back for a few minutes but that stopped and he ran for help. We are very rural and help doesn't get there fast and it was too late. That kind of thing doesn't leave their mind very easily. My son still goes to the cemetery and visits, but boy that isn't mine acts like it never happened and I think that is his way of coping. For months after the funeral he would be at our house on weekends and I would wake up at 4AM and he would be sitting in a chair with headphones on listening to music and rocking back and forth but he seems to have moved on. I will never ever forget the deceased boys mother at the funeral coming up to boy that isn't mine and saying "Don't let this ruin your life, you can do something with your life and you need to get out there and do it." I don't know that I would have that much forgiveness in me. I think I would later but that soon after the fact I think I would still be angry. My point in this long story young parents is to be prepared for rough spots that children will need help through. Some of them make you uncomfortable, some you will think silly, but in their mind it is the end of the world no matter what so be prepared.


Oh, The Joys said...

How on Earth can I prepare for some of that? Grey hair coming!

kim said...

katy--you make me happy! time's short, but I did do an entry so hop on over and read when you have time.