Monday, April 09, 2007

Misc. thoughts

I don't know why I decided to name this post Misc. thoughts when most of posts are exactly that. Oh, well here we go.
Easter was great, lots of friends, family and food. Church was great and was decorated so nice.
This is probably the first year we didn't color any eggs. We don't have anyone that will hunt them so why bother. We all got lots of candy and I hope to be on a sugar high for a few days.
Next Sunday my Aunt, who is a nurse, is going to do blood sugars at Sunday school so I need to get it out of my system by then. She was nice enough not to do them on Easter Sunday!
My nephew D is back from Iraq. My parents went to Indiana to visit him this weekend. I know my mom is really relieved. She has had a miserable year just waiting to hear that something has happened to her Grandson. He has a month of leave now and has to decide whether to reinlist or not. My mom doesn't want him to at all since he has already done two rounds in Iraq. He is thinking of doing it for the lack of something else to do.
My sweet niece is back in NJ. She cried the night before she left and told me she didn't want to wait 3 months to come back. I told her it would go fast since she has school until almost the end of June and then she can come straight here for the summer. She left her turtle here for me to let loose as soon as the weather warms up a little. I didn't realize how much tomato a little turtle can eat but he can put it away.
My DD is on spring break this week and she started it out by cleaning her already pretty clean room. I don't know where she got her cleaning genes but it wasn't from me. I decided to clean my room today and I can't get very far. I think so far I have made myself about 3 more loads of laundry. Well I had better get moving or the sheets won't be dry by bedtime.

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kim said...

Hi Katy! I can't even imagine how much you are missing your niece; it's hard, isn't it? I am glad that DD's on spring break, that's a mood brightener! And would she like to come here and clean my house? I'd pay her LOTS of money! HAHA! Are you guys doing lots of fun stuff, after the cleaning frenzy? Take care and tell DD to have a wonderful break!