Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I have come to the realization over the years that I am a pushover. I cannot say NO to anyone (with the exception of my children if the request really warrants it.) I'm not too good at saying no to them either and have been lucky enough that there have been very few times they ask something I have to give a firm no to. I have a great husband that I have trouble saying no to, though I'm sure he would argue that point but we work different shifts and he gets home at 1 AM and I have to get up at 6:30 so wait until one of the 3 freakin days we have off together OK. (sorry long long day) I have a wonderful husband that is also a pushover and his little old ladies need him and think no one else can fix their stuff but him. I really do respect him for taking his precious time off from work to help them. It seems to go in waves and right now all 4 of them need him for something and I miss him. He charges them a small amount to do the work and they feel like they are paying him and getting by cheap. Every one of them have bunches of rental homes and have much more money that we ever will, but that is their security blanket and they hate to spend it. In a month or so they will be caught up and happy for a while without him. I also love the fact that anyone in my family and his can call him and he will help them with anything he can. He has helped many in my family build or remodel their homes. How lucky am I to have married a man so thoughtful. He built our home with a little help from my dad and a few others that stopped by a few times. We built a home for so much cheaper than you can ever imagine. We could never have afforded to have someone else build it. My home isn't large, but it is big enough for us.
Ok back to my lack of abililty to tell people no. I don't even remember where I was going with that point. I do know that for many years I tried to volunteer at school and church, work and take care of my family and my home. I was pulled in so many directions I couldn't breath at times. It was so sad to me when my children got old enough that they didn't need me to volunteer at their school but once I got used to it I kind of liked it. I drove my son to school for 11 and a half years. Every day. Then he got his drivers license. It was so scary, but at the same time it was great. I could take my time getting ready for work, and not have to get off of work early to be sitting in the parking lot at school at 2:40 every day. I could send him to the store for milk when I forgot to stop after work. What does he do a couple of weeks after he got his license? Rolled my husbands Explorer. He was stopped at a stop sign and went to turn onto a narrow road and turned too wide and the hill dropped off right beside the other side of the road. It was a wreck he will never forget, but at least it wasn't bad. If he had been driving fast he would have been killed. He graduated last year and my daughter got her license a week into this school year. Once again I had to go through the complete and total fear that comes with watching your children take off in a car that can kill them if they aren't careful. I also had 2 teenagers on my car insurance which is crazy by itself. I pay every month for car insurance what I used to pay every 6 months.
Well I can see that if I keep this up I will be rambling on and never getting to my point, if I could even remember what my point was. I guess I had better go and get ready to go to town. My DD has an appointment to get her prom dress fitted and my sweet niece is waiting on us at my moms. Thursday my dog has to get her hysterectomy..that should be fun, she doesn't like anyone but us and a few select others. She never gets to go to the vet and just get a checkup. Every time she has had to go lately there has been something wrong. She isn't going to enjoy this one at all, especially if I have to leave her there. When I leave her there she cries and I can hear her until I get in my car. I should be crying by the time I get to work which will make for an interesting day.

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kim said...

Awww, you DO have a DDDH, Katy! That is Dedicated, Devoted and Dear. What a guy! I feel so fortunate to be able to trade words with you because I just know how special you are to have so many special people love you so much. If we lived by each other, your DH would have another not-so-little old lady wanting his handiwork, BUT I believe in paying for good work. But, who knows...maybe one or two of his "ladies" have him in their will/s. HAHAHA--I mean that in a joking way! I think it is so cool that he built your house--there is just nothing in the world like a guy who can do manly-man things. My beloved was that way with cars, and with many things around the house, too--although he didn't want anything to do with electricity-HA! Probably a good thing, too! I can't even imagine being married to a "suit"--what we call the ones in offices all day. Well, I don't know what my point is here, either--or if there even is one. But even though you want him all to yourself **wink, wink** I can tell how truly proud you are to have such a great husband who is not selfish! And you know I'm thinking of Koko...Oh, and last--but by no means least--pictures of DD in her prom finery??? PLEASE? PRETTY PLEASE???