Saturday, April 07, 2007

He is risen!

It is almost Easter and life is good. I love this time of year because everything is new again. The trees are leafing out, the flowers are blooming and at least here in Ohio it is SNOWING. The low tonight is supposed to be 19. We had 85 degree weather earlier this week but now it is 30. I liked it at 80. I want it back and I am prepared to lie on the floor and kick and scream until I get my way. Well, maybe after I eat the ears off a chocolate bunny.
Today my second puppy left. He went home with a friend of my boys. I like D and I am glad he has my Dozer. I also will be seeing D quite often and can check up on Dozer when I want to. I know he will be well taken care of. I just need to find homes for 2 or 3 more and I am finished. If I can't my vet has a plan to get them adopted so that is always an option. I have been laying in the floor with puppies crawling all over me for the last little bit and it is quite enjoyable. They are so funny to watch, especially Buddy who is smaller than the rest. He doesn't get quite as excited as the others and kind of stays back a little. He is so trusting you can hold him however you want and he will just lay there in your arms or on your lap until you move him. Rusty is the sneaky one, Layko has always been the bully but lately he has become more of a baby, wanting to be held and babied and then there is Daisy. I love Daisy, she is the only female and she is a little more laid back. I can pick her up anytime and lay her in my arms like a baby and she will go to sleep. She has gotten a little more unlady like with the boys. They used to push her around a little and she puts them in their place now if they bother her too much. Dozers new owner just IM'd me to tell me his mom, brother and nephew were all in love with Dozer now. That makes me happy!

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kim said...

Awwww...I want puppies crawling all over me, too! I am so glad that Dozer has such a loving family. But I mean, really, who could look at those fuzzy little faces and NOT fall in love. Oh, and the laying on the floor, kicking and screaming? May I join you? Because this weather is ridiculous!

I hope you and your family have a HAPPY AND BLESSED EASTER.