Saturday, April 21, 2007

12 step programs

Ok I admit it...I have a problem. I am addicted to Blogs. I love them, I love to link from one to the read back posts I might have missed about people I don't know....Oh help me please. (come on just leave me one link....please I won't tell anyone and I will get help after that one...I PROMISE) I will get help. I only spend about an hour a day on the computer all together, maybe two on weekends and I have dial up internet service so I sometimes don't get my fix and then I get cranky. I used to want high speed internet, which is almost impossible to get where I live and very expensive if you do so I would have to sell something like a liver or something equally useful to someone else to get it. I guess I need to come up with a twelve step program for blogs. I need some help here so send me some suggestions.
Step 1. Admit you have a problem and you are powerless over it. (which I already did, but the word powerless scares me a little because we lose our electric quite a bit and being powerless means being computerless....and blogless.)
Step 2. Believe that a power greater than ours can restore us to sanity. (I may have to skip this one because I believe in a power greater than me but I enjoy my little insane world and I think God understands that)
Step 3. Make a decision to hand over our keyboards (not likely)..
Step 4. Make a fearless and searching inventory of ourselves. (umm Yea I am nosy and love seeing what others are doing...thats about as searching as I get.)
Step 5. Admit to God and another human being our wrongs. (ok people I have a problem I think we have already decided that one.)
Step 6.

This will have to wait until another day...I can't figure out 12 entire steps when I haven't looked today to see if Not without my coffee or lifeafter or Not quite what I had planned or dad gone mad have updated...What if I miss something important....What if Lolly found someone with an even funnier name?
Please remember this is only me being silly. I know quite a few people that the 12 step program has helped and I am in no way making fun of it.


kim said...

HAHAHA--Katy, this post is GREAT! And I'm in it right with ya, clear up to my eyeballs! I even plagiarized your "blog addiction/12 step program for it" idea in one of my comments on "Not Quite What I Had Planned." I figured you wouldn't mind, since you probably already know I'm co-dependent. HAHAHA! Plus, you are now allowed to steal one of my sayings if there's ever anything you like :)!!! What I love the most about this blogging thing is that I've "met" the nicest people (that would be you)! I'm missing "Not Without My Coffee" and I hope she gets back soon! And where is Kristie anyway? ...Hi, my name is Kim and I am a blogaholic...

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Morning Katy!!!!