Monday, April 02, 2007

Shoot....I did an entire post and it disappeared. I guess I really need to learn a little more about computers and go into cyberspace after it. I guess this picture will just have to do it for today. the littlest puppy couldn't stand up on his back legs long enough to stay in the picture, but the rest did.

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kim said...

Katy--I loved your comment--thank you! There is no such thing as going on and on too much; I love hearing everything you have to say as much as the pictures. I'm hoping that soon the little guy will be up there with all the rest! Wanna hear something funny? I also have my Grandma's rolling pin that she got for a wedding gift in 1935, and all of her old cookie cutters that I used so much as a little kid. Isn't it nice to have those things and remember where we came from whenever we look at them? If you wouldn't mind, I'll take any tips/hints/recipes you want to give for my new cast iron stuff. I am so excited to finally have it; I've been wanting it for so long!