Thursday, March 29, 2007

shania and me

Ok, I get off of work today and realize it is Thursday. Thursday is one of the days I get home before my husband has to leave for work and we can spend a little time together. I drove by my parents house and my son's car was there, he was resting between classes because her house is only a few minutes from the college. I start home and pass M, a friend of my sons that has been staying at our house some since his parents up and moved away without giving him a chance to find a place to stay. I drive a little farther and meet J, (who has lived with us for a year and a half) headed toward town. At this point I am getting really excited because I know my daughter is at school and that means my DH is HOME ALONE. All alone, waiting on me and he has almost 2 hours until time to leave for work. We never get to be home alone. I'm not complaining and I will miss my kids like crazy when they are gone, but HOME ALONE, is nice once in a while. I was so excited I put in my Shania Twain CD and starting singing at the top of my lungs. By the time I get home I am so happy I am almost dancing. We can talk without wondering if J or M is listening about stuff that is no ones business but our families. We can hug each other and even kiss (gasp) without wondering if these teenagers that aren't ours are watching and telling people what J and K's parents do. We can do whatever we want as loud as we want and not worry about who is listening and watching ( Well other than the dog who seems to have some weird obsession with following us around). I can turn up my music and dance around the house as I am fixing lunch and pinch my DH's hiney when he walks by. I get out of the car, run up to my DH and give him a big kiss and I hear a car...pull in....the driveway. J had only went to town to drop something off and came right back so he could lie down on the couch and nap until he left for work, 3 hours later.........It was a nice thought while it lasted.

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kim said...

Oh man, talk about killing off a perfectly good hiney tingle in one fell swoop! As I was reading, I was so, so happy for you and dh; I SO remember that from when T lived at home. Someday...

You do read the Pioneer Woman, don't you? If not, you MUST go to for a complete tutorial on hiney tingles and lots of other important stuff!