Thursday, March 22, 2007

Weekend getaway

The bags are about packed and the teenage boys are giddy at being alone all weekend in the house. I'm nervous about leaving my puppies and my dog has to go to the vet tomorrow because she is sick. I think she is in heat, but the vet says that isn't possible this soon after having puppies. If she isn't in heat she sure acts like it.
I'm really looking forward to some time away from home. I love my home but a weekend away sometimes makes it better. I love Amish country and can't wait to shop around. This Saturday the flea market in Holmes county is trying to break the Guiness book of World records for the largest husband favorite things, buffet food and flea markets! I'll be sure to post all about my weekend when I get home. Until then Stay happy and Healthy!


kim said...

Katy, you and Mike have a GREAT weekend in Amish country--think about me every now and again and chuckle because you're there and I'm not, but would like to be :)! Thanks so much for your comment, and I plan to do just exactly what you said--I started last night, thinking about all of the fun Mom and I had and some of our goofy conversations! If you think you and that gorgeous daughter of yours have fun now, wait til she's about 30! Except now I'm gonna be wondering about your sick furry girl and what the vet has to say...the boys will take care of the puppies, right? Gosh, I'm such a puppy geek!!!! Have fun...UMMMMMMM, BUFFETS :)!

kim said...

It's Sunday--welcome back, Katy and Mike! Hope you had fun!