Friday, March 09, 2007

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood

OK.....very short post. The temperature today is supposed to be 60 degrees. Yes I said 60 DEGREES. It happens to be my long day at work, but that is ok......I may never come back in the house again, or at least until tonight when It gets 25 again!

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kim said...

HEY KATY!!!! Okay, it's just the upper-40's here, but I'm still all giddy with excitement because the sun is shining so bright, and all of our many inches of snow are melting, melting, melting. I can't believe how great this feels--I even have the doors and some windows open in the house to get some fresh air in. Plus, we start Daylight Savings Time early, and turn the clocks ahead an hour late Saturday night--that is good for old night-blind me--it means I can stay out a little later. Be still my heart! HAHAHA! How are your kids--both teen, and furry?