Thursday, March 01, 2007

teenagers (who would a thunk it)

Sorry couldn't help that weird title. Sitting here thinking and thats all that came to my mind. I do have a funny little story for you though...
Tuesday my DD went to Wal mart with a boy she is talking to. He has asked her a few times lately to be his "girlfriend" and date no one other than him. She tells him that right now she doesn't want to be anyones girlfriend and just wants to date....sooo, when they left Wal mart he took her back to her car and told her he would call her in a little while. She got home at 5:30 and waited....and waited.........and waited...... Don't get me wrong, she talked to friends on the internet, talked on the phone, did homework etc, but he never called. Last night she saw him in town and asked him why he didn't call......his excuse........He had to burn the garbage and there was a lot of it. Her complaint wasn't that he didn't call....she says if he had another date that was great, but DON'T FREAKIN LIE TO HER ABOUT IT AND MAKE HER WAIT BY THE PHONE. It doesn't take 5 hours to burn garbage. She kind of hopes he does talk to other girls so he will find someone to be his "girl" if thats what he wants but don't LIE. She hates liars. He is supposed to come over tonight and I hope he does, because this could be funny to watch. Every seen a 16 year girl old that is totally p****d off?

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