Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I was laying in bed last night thinking about the "Good ole days." Remember those days when you were young and had no real worries but always thought the world was going to end because of some boy or something stupid? I remember being 16 and meeting my future DH and thinking "uh...no way, too old." It took me months of denying my feelings for him and him deciding to give up on me before I realized he was the one for me. Twenty-one years and I am still so glad I finally came to my senses.
I remember my senior band party. My band director had a party in his basement every year for senior band members. He rented movies and ordered pizzas and it was for Senior band members only. Picture me and my friends D and T laying in the floor watching Texas Chainsaw massacre and we notice something outside the basement window. It's about 10 o'clock at night and something is moving around outside the window. After 30 seconds of teenage girl screams I realize it is my future DH and his best friend spying on us in the dark. I almost didn't believe it was him because he had never ever been jealous or checked up on me, and he never has since, but I guess he and his friend talked themselves into thinking I may be up to something. Instead he finds me and 2 other girls laying in the floor watching movies. Most of the seniors were girls and the few boys there were not my type........My DH is the only type for me ;-)


kim said...

Awwww, that is SO SWEET! I know what you mean. Mine was the only one I ever wanted to marry, and still the only one I could ever imagine being married to, if you can understand that at all, since for me, DH could be two things ;)! Don't you just feel so thankful every day? However, it's a wonder you and your friends didn't suffer early myocardial infarctions as the result of seeing "people" lurking around outside the window during Texas Chainsaw Massacre! HAHAHA!

It makes me very happy to hear of somebody else who loves her husband like crazy! KATY + MIKE = TRUE LOVE 4EVER. :)

katy said...

Do you know how many hundreds of times I have written that over the years? I still don't get tired of it.

kim said...

I KNOW! I can't tell you exactly why, but I just HAD to write that; I just KNEW it was still the most appropriate thing to say about the two of you. A couple of months after Bill died, I got a tattoo--can you believe it, at 44 I'm off getting a tattoo--but it doesn't show as it's on my chest about where you put your hand over your "heart" for the Pledge of Allegiance. It's a heart with a banner that says BILL & KIM. If there would have been room, I would have also had the TRUE LOVE 4EVER. So, I understand, I think, the way things are for you two crazy kids. And, as I said, it makes me happy!