Thursday, February 01, 2007

Winter sucks!

Ok, maybe that was a little too much. I like a little bit of winter and I was complaining about the lack of winter a few weeks ago when it was in the 60's. Now I am tired of it. My husband has once again brought home some horrible virus/flu/cold thing that he is sharing with me. I do feel sorry for him, he has had a high temperature and so much congestion and coughing for 4 or 5 days now that he can't rest and chills all the time. I am pretty sure he has pneumonia, but getting him to the doctor is a chore, he hasn't missed a minute of work since he has been sick. I , on the other hand, took a flu shot and I am now coughing and chilling a little. I don't feel anywhere as bad as he does, but I figure it is on the way. I am hoping that maybe, just maybe my flu shot will protect me enough that I will only have a minor case of whatever, but that would be too easy...
Ok Kim and anyone else that happens to accidentally find this daughter bought 2 dresses for homecoming so which do you like best. Remember she will be properly coiffed and made up.


kim said...

Hi Katy! First of all, being the computer genius that I am, I can't figure out how to show the pictures. I right-click on the little box and then choose "show picture" but nothing happens????AAARRRRRRGGGG--I really want to see your daughter and her dress options--HELP! I'll be stalking around here to see if you can help me figure it out!

Second of all, I'm feeling for your hubby, and I hope it's not pneumonia...he may just HAVE to break down and go to the doctor. And you know I hope your shot protects you. I talked about the sucky temps today, too! More AAARRRGGHHH. Feel better, you two crazy kids!!!!! HA!

kim said...

Hey Katy--If you wouldn't mind, you can send the pictures to; that's my e-mail address. I know what you mean about the separate closet just for formals--went through the same thing with Tracy. Awwwww...more years ago than I'm comfortable with--HAHA! But, still, isn't it fun? And they just look so darn beautiful! After I commented, I even went back to my "Windows for complete and total idiots" book and still couldn't find any clues about how to pull up the pictures???? So, like I said, if it's not too much trouble....e-mail.