Monday, February 26, 2007

puppy update

Ok the puppies were doing great and then last night it was poopathon in the box. The poor things are so weak and tired they don't have the energy to eat. I got up three times last night to feed them and each time the box had lots of poo in it. I feel so sorry for the little things. I talked to the vet and she said just keep doing what I am and hope for the best because if I bring them in to her it will probably cost hundreds of dollars per pup for tests and treatment and I just can't do that. I wish I could but I can't. So instead I will sit up and hope I can keep at least some of them alive. I am feeding them between feedings with replacement milk mixed with part water and part pedialite.. I am also giving them kaopectate. I haven't noticed a lot of difference yet. I have some doggy antibiotics in the fridge I can try if they get any worse but I am afraid that will make the potty matters worse......Makes you feel sorta helpless.


kim said...

Oh no. They have to be okay. They just have to be. I know I'm kind of a weirdo but I just...well...they just have to be okay.

kim said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a little "voyeuristic" streak to me, in wanting to read other people's secrets :)!!! Some of them, I feel so bad for whoever wrote it. Some of them I have to wonder who would want to be friends with them, like the guy yesterday with his friends' bathrooms????? EEEEWWWWW!!!!!

I just hope the furry babies get better and better...I am saying many, many prayers for them because...they just have to be okay. I know, I'm repetitious.

kim said...

Oh, poor little baby with the diaper rash; I just didn't even know that was possible in the puppy world, but I suppose when one has diarrhea the same things can happen no matter your species! You are such a good puppy caretaker! And doncha just love that word "hiney"??? THANKS, REE! Honest, I had forgotten all about that one until reading PW and her tingling hiney!!! :)...I love it so much I think I'm gonna be saying that, too, since I don't think she and I live anywhere near each other???

I'm glad you liked the post. Sometimes when I'm going to do a post like that, I think twice about it, but what good is a journal if you censor yourself. And I know that the people I write about--even though I don't use names--don't read my journal. I don't even think they know about it. Besides, it's my journal and if they read it and recognized themselves...well....they're always welcome NOT to read, ya know? As a teenager, I would always leave a note to my Mom on the first page of my journals, basically telling her she was free to read it, but she better be sure she wanted to read, cause I always wrote what I was really feeling. I don't know if she ever read it or not, and I will never know.

So, yeah, it seems a little strange to be learning some of these lessons so late in life, but I guess it's never too late to learn. Any knowledge is good, even if the lesson doesn't always feel so good!

Thanks for going through it all with me! And I can't wait for the next round of pix!