Monday, February 05, 2007

February blues

Well today we had sunshine.......and a high temp of 12 degrees. Right now it is 1 degree and should be 4 or 5 degrees lower by the time I have to go to work in the morning. I know we are luckier than many people in the world temperature wise right now but whats this thing for if I can't complain a little.
I took my hubby to the doctor today and he got a weeks worth of steroids and antibiotics to help him kick this thing he is spreading around. I think I am getting over mine all by myself.
Some genius decided that Ohio's school attendance week would be this week. Who in their right mind would test the attendance of all of Ohio's schools for the entire school year in February. Sometimes I wish they would think things through a little better.

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kim said...

Hi Katy--Yeah, just imagine our world if the people who ran the schools would just stop and think every now and then! Oh, it's a lovely little dream world we live in! I was SO happy to hear you got the hubby to the doc! He must have really been feeling rough! I'm feeling a little February-blues-like myself, so took tomorrow and Thursday off! Meeting a friend for coffee tomorrow and, depending on the weather, may do a few other things...or NOT :)! We got a couple of inches of snow this morning, on top of the bitter cold and there have been mega-accidents all over the metro area. YUCK!!!

I hope you keep feeling better and that all of the drugs do the trick for your hubby!