Thursday, January 25, 2007

two lives way too short

Yesterday evening in a town nearby 2 teenage girls were hit by a train. Not just hit and thrown, hit and drug a quarter of a mile. These girls were in 8th grade, 13 and 14 years old. Their life just started and was cut short . There was a 3rd girl with them that got out of the way at the last second. No one knows right now, or no one is saying what happened. I have heard a few people saying they were wearing IPods, but it is hard to tell what happened and I guess it truly isn't any of my business. I just hate this for the families and the friends. I can not imagine how the parents must feel. Someone said today one of the girls had a younger brother that she took care of all the time and he was going to be devastated.............I can not imagine and I don't want to even try. I know there were grief counselors and Pastors at school today and I bet that was one miserable place to be. Rest in peace girls.


kim said...

Good Morning, Katy! Contrary to the way it seems, I'm actually starting out having a very good day. Well, as good as it can be now that the weather is butt-freezing frigid! At least there is sunshine--of that arctic, frozen snot variety :)! I, too, am dreaming of soft breezes and pool-floating with pretty-colored umbrella drinks close by. Because two lives way too short is just too sad to think about--so very, very sad. Oh, and if you ever do get your dog to wipe the paws? You will become rich and famous as a dog whisperer and I'll be so glad to say I sort of knew you when! :)

Have a good day, Katy!

kim said...

Hi Katy--Just had to come back and comment on your comment! I think it is very hard on Moms when get to the point where they have their own lives and need to separate a little from good ole Mom. The good part is, down the road they get married and have kids of their own, and usually that's when they find their way back to Mom. There are only so many hours in a day, and keeping up with teens and being a good Mom is so MUCH more than a full-time job--then there's the job that people often have! WHEW! But, yeah, unless you're a person who has no problem with completely living through your children--which isn't a good thing--you need to have your own little piece of life, and maybe just get together a little more often with your close friend. She would probably love it! It's just so hard; I'm really struggling with all of this friendship crap right now. Because even though I am only 50, my "kids" are already grown, I've already gone through all the empty nest tears and psychosis--HA--and the person/people I want to spend time with still have teens at home. Which is fine with me...I mean, I don't think you can't have both family and friends. But there is the busy/no enough hours in the day thing. But friendships are important and I think making a little time, if even just to get together for a cup of coffee, is a must. Wow, didn't mean to preach--HA! As for the gyno; um, yeah! I don't even have one, I just make my regular doctor do the yearly deal; I'm sure he loves me--HAHA! He knows that's the only way I'll get it done, so he does it. The mammograms are so quick and easy--no problem whatsoever! It's just that after going through a year of sickness with Bill and then after his death, I just did not care much about taking care of myself at all. I'm getting there now! From everything I hear from about 98% of the people with siblings, I should be happy I don't have them. Although I always thought it would be fun to have a sister in a very abstract way, it wasn't until after my Mom died that I seriously wish I had a sister, just another person that was part of my Mom. My two uncles, Mom's younger brothers, are okay but it's not the same. Ya know? Well, may as well not dwell on it...

Have a good day, Katy--it's always good to hear from you!