Sunday, January 21, 2007


I was over at Ree's blog seeing her great pictures of her animals and it made me want to talk about Ashes. Ashes
is a 'neighborhood' dog. She actually belongs to someone about a mile away, but every night she makes her rounds through 3 or 4 neighborhood homes barking at the door until someone throws out food. She ends at our house every night and sleeps (and craps) in our garage. She is getting to be an old dog but she is the happiest dog I have ever seen. She wags her tail and her entire body wags. The last month or so Ashes has been going downhill fast. She doesn't want to get up in the morning, she is losing weight like crazy. This has always been a good sturdy chunky dog until lately. Now she doesn't even get up to pee, we just notice it running out from under her when she sleeps. We had some carpet in the garage to wipe our feet on, but that is going to have to go soon because Ashes has ruined it. I love this dog...she is happy no matter what and I can see that she is still happy, but look at these eyes and tell me this dog isn't suffering.

And her once chunky happy wagging body

Yep those are chucks around her to soak up her messes.......I love this dog and hate to see her like this. If I could only get her owner to do something.


kim said...

Oh Katy, I have as hard a time with the animals as I do with the little kids! I am one of those people who is an absolute sap for all animals and little kids, and basically anything/anyone that doesn't have their own voice. What is wrong with Ashes' owners; why don't they take Ashes to the vet. Oh boy, yet another thing I don't understand!!! But, you are right, Katy, there are some things we aren't meant to understand. This, though, seems pretty straightforward. The owners need to take care of their pet. Period.

kim said...

Hi again Katy--I KNOW, ME TOO--in the Mama mode! That's exactly how I get, too! The thing is, something is obviously up with Ashes' kidneys, but what if it was something that could have been sounds now like it might be a little too late, but if a trip to the vet would have come sooner? Well, we don't know...I just can't stand to think of a puppy in any kind of pain, and they seem to always get that kind of "I'm sorry" look when they lose control the way Ashes has. You're a good Mama, Katy, and I'm glad Ashes has you.