Monday, January 15, 2007

Long Weekends...or rainy days and Mondays

I love the fact that no one in my house has to wake up early tomorrow.......Thank goodness for holidays. My husband and I are off on Mondays anyway, but it is nice not to have to wake the kids up early for school. It is now 1:30 in the morning and I am not in bed. Thats ok for tomorrow but Tuesday morning is really going to suck big time. Tomorrow I hope to have time to tell you about my husband . He is one heck of a great guy and I don't spend enough time talking about him!

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kim said...

Hi Katy--Can't wait for you to talk about that great husband of yours! Mine was SO wonderful that there were actually times that I felt a little guilty because most women aren't as lucky as I was! When he was diagnosed--finally, after SEVEN freakin' months of doctors/tests/etc.--I remember thinking that maybe part of the reason why my marriage was so magical and so good was because I was only going to have it for a short time. Bill died 2 days before our 12th wedding anniversary--and we had been together one year prior to getting married, but had known each other for 10 years before that! So, Katy, talk about that great husband of yours every chance you get, okay? :)