Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Manly Men!

Now about my dear hubby. (yes Kim, I also am competely blessed) My husband is the real life Mr. Fixit. He can fix just about anything and if he can't he will know someone who can. I have mentioned before that we have a lot of teens around our house and they know that if they have car problems Mike will help them fix it. Quite a few of these kids come from homes that don't have a lot of money and car problems can be catastrophic on their incomes but they know Mike will help them if he can. He also has a group of people I call his LOWS......Little Old Women! These women are widows that know if anything goes wrong Mike will fix it for them as cheaply as he can. Sometimes I get frustrated because he can spend his two days off a week (we are both off Sunday and Mondays) doing things for them, but in the end I know how wonderful it is to have a husband with a big heart. We will never be rich, but we will be together and happy as long as God sees fit. My parents love my husband like he was their own child and he does things for them whenever he can without complaining one bit. I think he actually likes it! They say you marry someone like your father and I really did.
I do home health work and I have told my husband before problems my patients are having with wheelchair ramps or doorways not wide enough and sure enough he will show up with some lumber when I am at work and proceed to fix whatever the problem is.....he is just that kind of guy.
My husband lost both of his parents to cancer (one was 57 and one 60) and I think that has helped me cherish each day with him.
Let me say that he has his faults.....his socks are always laying wherever he takes them off and he can NOT throw anything away. He built us a house 9 years ago and already the basement and attic are full of his "treasures" which is his word for what I call junk, but I know deep down inside that those are small small things in the big scheme of things.

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kim said...

That is beautiful, Katy. I know exactly what you are talking about; I'm betting animals of all types love Mike, too, right? Heck, right now, I love Mike :)! YAY for "Manly Men"--Bill was one of those, too!